Moving Past Indecision in Your St. Louis Remodel


Enduring a remodel is not always straightforward. There are so many decisions to make, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Indecision, while it can be nerve-wracking, is quite common.

To calm your worried mind, you need to have some faith in yourself and trust that you can make good decisions. Your new kitchen isn’t going to look exactly like the picture in the magazine. It doesn’t have to.

Often, it’s going to look even better once it’s all done.

You might have your heart set on something you saw on TV or at a friend’s place, but once you see it in person, it doesn’t have the same allure. You have to trust your gut. If you like or don’t like something, if you change your mind about something once you see it in person, you can say so.

Whatever it is, trust that we always have your best interest in heart. We would not lead you down a path that we know is not going to look good, that’s not going to be easy to care for, or isn’t in your budget. Put your trust in the process, and we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Our Pre-Construction Process

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In our process, we tend to circle back quite a few times. It gets to the point—especially for very decisive people—where it feels redundant and repetitive.

Whenever we are shopping with our customers, we’re continually repeating and putting samples together and saying, “This is your floor. This is your cabinet. This is your countertop. Do you like it? Okay, let’s move on.”

We need those checks and balances along the way because in any meetings we have after that, we’ll bring those selections back into the conversation. During the pre-construction meeting, you’ll have a chance to look at everything together again. Before we order, we need to know that you’re confident about everything going forward.

Typically, we have a trade day back at the house where we bring any samples we have, and renderings, if they are ready.

The Decorator Sheet

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One of the main things that your designers are going to go over with you is what we call a decorator sheet. This is, basically, a spreadsheet that lists out all your selections – your flooring, cabinets, lights, hardware, and so on. Even though we’ve been through it a hundred times already, we’ll go through it one more time to make sure that this is it, this is what we all like and agree on. If we looked at three different floors, we need to know that this is the one that you want for sure – before everything gets ordered. There’s a lot of double-checking and a lot of circling back.

Knowing What You Don’t Want is Just As Important

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At the outset, you might not know precisely what you want, but you probably have at least an idea. Most people have a sense of identity about the space and how it reflects you and your family.

In most situations, you will generally be able to recognize what you don’t like about your kitchen or bathroom, and that’s a great place to start. Knowing what you don’t like about the current layout, what doesn’t work, and what doesn’t speak to you – this is usually at least enough information to define a jumping-off point. If you’re not at that point, you probably wouldn’t be looking to remodel.

So, while the pre-construction remodeling process might seem scary at first, know that even if you’re not 100 percent sure, you need to make some temporary decisions upfront to open up the process.

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