Here Comes the Sun: Decorating Spaces with Natural Sunlight in St. Louis


There’s no better accessory for your home than plenty of natural sunlight, and of course, it is no secret that sunlight is a key ingredient to good health.

Natural light:

  • Improves focus, mental function, and memory recall
  • Boosts nitric oxide in the skin and bones, helping to reduce blood pressure
  • Eases depression and anxiety
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Increases serotonin, also known as ‘the happy chemical’
  • Is an essential source of vitamin D
  • Wards off seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
  • Gives you more energy during the day and regulates your sleep cycle at night

With all these amazing benefits, it’s no wonder that homebuyers prefer houses that capture the sun’s warm, luxurious glow. If your home is filled with natural sunlight, you are in luck. Not only is sunlight super beneficial to your physical and mental health, but it also does wonders for your home.

Big Windows – Big Benefits

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Big windows are an excellent way to cut down on your energy usage and the cost of lighting your home. Just be sure to invest in insulated energy-efficient windows, and you will be set for years to come! And on the subject of home finances, homes with natural light are in high demand, which means that you’ll always get a financial boost when it comes time to put it on the market.

So how can you make the most out of your sunlit haven? Let’s look at a few insider tips for decorating your St. Louis home with lots of sunlight!

Sheers of Joy

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Sunlight is great – that is, until you get blinding rays right in the eye. Fortunately, this is a small problem with an easy solution. Get yourself a pair of light, gauzy sheers to cover the glass panes. This eliminates the majority of glare and softens the sometimes-harsh and unrelenting rays of sun without losing any of its lightness or brightness

If you’re concerned that the lack of opaque curtains may compromise your privacy, there’s a simple fix for that as well. You could pair your sheers with a set of heavier curtains overtop, but if you find this look a bit dowdy, you can try sheers in darker colors or sheer shades, like these ones available from Blinds to Go.

Green with Envy

Image from discovermagazine
Image from discovermagazine

Plants thrive in the sunlight! While certain plants don’t need a lot of sun, others absolutely love it and will reward you with lots of growth and greenery. As it turns out, plants, like sunlight, also offer plenty of health benefits, so why not combine the two?

One great way to display your flora is in hanging pots and decorative holders. This allows leafy plants and crawling vines to cascade down and all around. It makes for a stunning visual, and it’s an ideal way to keep your plants out of reach, especially if you have kids and pets.

Light vs. Dark

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We admire the sun for its power, but sometimes, it can be just a little bit too powerful. Sunshine has bleaching properties that damage textiles over time, especially if those textiles are in the path of direct sunlight. While both light and dark fabrics can be bleached, it happens faster and is a lot more noticeable on darks.

Personally, we recommend not using dark upholstery in super sunny rooms. Chairs, couches, ottomans, curtains, and rugs along with dark flooring materials, like hardwood and laminate, show sun bleaching easily. Plus, lighter colors generally look better in bright rooms, making them appear large and welcoming. If you really want to add a darker palette, try incorporating paint shades like slate gray or ivory black. While paint may also fade in time, it’s easy to layer on another coat.

Use the Light to Get it Right

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Rooms with lots of light may be beautiful, but they’re not always appropriate for certain activities. For instance, watching TV can be difficult because of glare, and sunlight can make it hard to sleep past daybreak. Give your sunny rooms purpose and function: use them as offices, reading nooks, breakfast areas, kitchens, craft rooms, playrooms, solariums, and the like.

Using your sunny rooms to their best advantage is a bright idea, both for your own enjoyment and that of future occupants. If you’re looking to lighten up the look and feel of your home, J.T. McDermott Remodeling can help. Call today to set up a consultation; we are always happy to shed a little light on the situation.

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