How A Design-Build Contractor in St. Louis Can Provide A Turnkey Operation


design build contractors st louisJT McDermott Remodeling Contractors is a design-build contractor serving the Greater St. Louis region. This article explores the benefits of using this approach in kitchen, bathroom or basement remodeling.

John and Sherry fit the profile of so many people who recently retired, their children are all raised and gone and they love their home, but it had limitations. Although built in the 1990s, it had a surprisingly dated layout with dedicated rooms and not the open floor plan that is desired today. The changes that they wanted would require moving walls and expanding by adding a sunroom. It was a job ideal for a design-build contractor and that is why they settled on JT McDermott Remodeling Contractors.

As the label implies, a design-build contractor performs the work at all levels from start to finish of a kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeling project. There is no need to use an architect or find someone to assist with the interior design. Design-build firms like ours perform all of those duties. Of course, we also perform that actual construction and oversee subcontractors who are brought in.

In the more than 20 years JT McDermott Remodeling Contractors has been in been in business in the Greater St. Louis area, we have constantly been refining the process of how to approach a remodeling project. We have even added new skill sets, such as in-house interior designers and designated estimator to streamline the design-build process. At some point in your remodeling project, you would be in contact with everyone assigned to your team.

Design-Build Contractor: One, Two, Three

There are three phases to our process: Preliminary Planning, Detailed Planning, and Construction. It starts with an initial visit to your home where our designer and estimator will assess the kitchen, bathroom, basement or other room you want to be remodeled, take measurements and photos and discuss the goals and budget you have set.

If it is agreed that a design-build contractor is the right fit for your job, and we will be open with you if we believe we are not, a visit to our office to preview preliminary design concepts will be presented, a scope of work and investment range and a design and planning retainer presented. If we, as a team, still feel we are a fit for each other the design agreement is authorized.

Such a retainer is a nominal fee that sets into motion Phase II where more detailed 3D design planning takes place. Based upon the finishes you desire and your budget we will help educate you on your many options. This phase includes going selection shopping with our designer. Many find this an enjoyable experience and also a chance to get to know our team better. You can then expect our trade partners to visit your home accompanied by our estimator and designer to gain firsthand knowledge of the scope of the work. From there, a final budget will be set and authorized, often with a few “menu” items to give you the choices and ability to alter the investment in the project how you see fit.

In the Construction Phase, we will set our strategy as to how and when to proceed with the project and designate a lead craftsman. A lot of work will be conducted behind the scenes such as ordering materials and scheduling the many tasks and trades, but you will always be kept informed. Finally, construction begins and concludes.

Not a Remodeling Project: A Remodeling Partnership

With design-build you gain the peace of mind knowing that professionals are working on your behalf at all levels of the remodeling process. That noted, you are not left out of the loop. In addition to keeping you up to date, your input is valued and welcomed. We approach remodeling not as a project, but a partnership. It is a true turnkey event where the stress and pressures are taking off of your shoulders.

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Also, check out this video from Josh himself as he walks you through the design-build process for your next turnkey remodeling project.

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