Cool Designs for Small St. Louis Bathrooms


cool bathroom designs for small bathroomsJust because you have a small bathroom don’t mean that you have to skimp out or sacrifice on design! Using a few tried-and-true techniques for livening up small spaces, you can take your small bathroom in an entirely new direction. Applying concepts that play with light and shadow and working with challenging features instead of letting them dictate what you should do with them – that’s the bottom line here. In many cases, we can apply these techniques to make them appear larger than they are or recommend alternative designs that deliver on both style and function.

To help you get inspired, we have compiled what we think are ten really cool designs for small bathrooms. Many of them are designed to help your bathroom look and feel bigger, and some offer workaround solutions for challenging features that you can’t change.

Brighten Your Day With Natural Light

Adding a skylight opens up small bathroom spaces to the beauty of nature, inviting the light in to lend an expansive feel to the room that you just can’t get from a conventional window.

cool bathroom designs for small bathrooms

Swap Out Cabinets For Under-mounted Sinks

If you’re short on space, an under-mounted sink can open up lots of storage possibilities while lending a more open feel to the room. Use oversized baskets to store your towels and linens.

Save Space With A Floating Sink

Eschew vanities and cabinets entirely and opt for a floating sink. Along with opening up more space in a small bathroom, it lends a sense of industrial chic. Add floating shelves for toiletries and storing other small items.

cool bathroom designs for small bathrooms

Strategic Shelving Ideas

If there is no room for a linen closet or if you are trying to find ways to design around plumbing or other structural features, custom shelving can be built to fit around the pipes and house all your necessary items. Mirrored cabinet doors create the illusion of space. Laundry bins are built into the vanity to allow for extra storage.

Niche Appeal

Building small niches, nooks or alcoves into your walls in the shower and elsewhere in the bathroom give you strategic storage while helping you avoid the need for space-stealing shower caddies.

cool bathroom designs for small bathrooms

Mirror Images

If you can do without a medicine cabinet, opt for a mirror that covers as much space as possible. Mirrors reflect light into the rest of the room and can be further enhanced with decorative framing or moldings for a truly high-end look.

Keep Your Flooring On The Lighter Side

Making a small bathroom look bigger requires a lighter approach to color. If your bathroom is so small there is little room for change, think about putting the focus on the floor to add interest. Ceramic tile, vinyl tile or laminates in light colors or high-contrast patterns add depth and brightness.

cool bathroom designs for small bathrooms

Another Floating Sink Idea

If you can get your head around ditching the vanity in favor of a floating sink, there are plenty of styles that are both design-conscious and practical. Plus, you won’t have to give up on storage just because you have no vanity. Use baskets under the sink to store your towels and replace lost storage space.

If You Can’t Go Big, Go For Luxe

Just because you have a small shower doesn’t mean it can’t be an experience! Plus, a smaller space means less tile, which means you can afford to spoil yourself just a little bit. Consider giving your small bathroom a spa makeover by installing body jets and/or a rain showerhead and that small bathroom won’t seem like such a big deal at all.

cool bathroom designs for small bathrooms

Hang Your Shower Curtain From The Ceiling

Create an illusion of grandeur and make a small bathroom look much bigger by hanging your shower curtain from the ceiling – or at least the highest point possible in the room. Be sure you choose a shower curtain that is long enough to brush the floor for a dramatic element that is guaranteed to bring the wow factor. Custom shower curtains can be made to match your tile or décor, extending your interior design into the small details.

Small Bathroom Design in St. Louis

Small bathrooms don’t have to be a liability. If you are thinking about or planning a remodel of your St. Louis home, we would love to help. Our designers are highly experienced in transforming small bathrooms as well as all other aspects of interior design and renovation. Reach out today to schedule a consultation and let’s talk about what’s possible.

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