5 Creative Bathroom Countertop Ideas in St. Louis


bathroom_countertop_ideas_st._louisCountertops may be practical surfaces that need to be durable and strong, but they also make a strong statement about personal style and taste. Many people wonder if there’s any difference between the countertops they choose for a kitchen and bathroom remodeling project. Even though the materials and installation process for both types may be the same, there are some subtle differences between the two.

The first, most obvious, difference is size, with bathroom countertops usually much smaller than kitchen ones. Also, bathroom countertops tend to be 32 inches in height, while kitchen ones are 36 inches in St. Louis. How the countertops are used also differs. Kitchen countertops are typically kept dry, but a bathroom is a completely different environment. And bathroom counters face more potentially finish damaging threats: toothpaste, mouthwash, nail polish and polish remover, hairsprays, and other hygiene products can easily leave stains.

When remodeling or adding on a new bathroom, it’s important to think about how stain-resistant, durable, and low maintenance your countertops should be. Here are some other bathroom countertop ideas to keep in mind when making your selection.

5 Creative Bathroom Countertop Ideas

  1. Turn a dresser into a bath vanity. Retrofitting an antique or modern bureau into a vanity is a truly original way to add a focal point to your bathroom. The trickiest part is fitting in the plumbing. Choose the right piece and you can also preserve some of the drawers for storage!
  2. Most people still choose undermount sinks, but top mount versions in onyx or cultured marble are becoming more popular. As the name suggests, the sink is designed to sit on top of the counter. Many top mount sinks are partially set into the countertop, with just the rim sitting on top. They’re suitable for any countertop material, including wood, and are a great choice for elegant master suites and minimalist schemes.
  3. Be daring! Granite countertops often come with lots of beautiful veining, specks, and swirls. Patterns and colors that might be overwhelming in the kitchen often look elegant and luxurious in the bathroom. Granite is a practical choice, as it resists stains as well as water and heat damage. They also last for years and add value to your home. Matte finishes are also becoming much more popular. You might want to consider quartz that is manufactured to look like something else, such as concrete or marble, or laminates that look like wood.
  4. Make sure faucets and fixtures complement the countertops. Before choosing your countertop material, think about what metal finish you like and make sure it works with your counter, cabinets, and flooring. For example, if you just have to have oiled bronze, it might not look as attractive as you imagined with a dark countertop. Something slightly contrasting is usually a better look.
  5. Designing a kid-friendly bathroom? You’ll want a countertop that stands up to the wear and tear the kids dish out on a daily basis. While laminate is always a possibility, onyx, cultured marble, and granite countertops work as well. Granite isn’t usually thought of as a kid-friendly material, but the new sealants on the market eliminate the problems usually associated with it. In fact, properly sealed granite countertops are non-porous and extremely easy to clean.

Whatever countertop you choose, keep in mind that a really dark, shiny one will give off glare and show off things like water rings, fingerprints, and light reflection.

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Bathroom countertops should be durable, low maintenance, and water resistant, but they don’t have to be boring! If you’d like to learn more about how to choose the best countertop for your St. Louis bathroom remodeling project, talk with one of our designers today. We look forward to meeting with you!

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