Top 10 Reasons Design Build Remodeling is the Best Process in St. Louis


design build remodeling in st. louisWe’re often asked about what makes design build different; what are its advantages over the conventional method of architect first and general contractor second? We thought it would be a fun idea to do a top-ten list of why design build remodeling can be the smartest home remodeling decision you make.


Design Build Remodeling in St. Louis

When you choose to work with a design build firm like ours, it begins a shared process that sees your vision transformed into a beautiful reality. Design build is an approach that involves a single company planning and remodeling a home from concept to completion. But, the term design build describes much more than a process. It also defines the company itself, which embraces the concept of remodeling homes by managing the process from design phase to finished space.

Now let’s count down our list of the top ten benefits the design build process brings to a home remodeling project.

#10 Cost savings. Inherent to the design build remodeling process is a substantial savings, due primarily to the lower design costs when not using an outside architect.

#9 Time savings. From initial design to construction and completion, there are dozens of timelines that need to be coordinated. Design build allows clients to ask questions, carefully consider big decisions, and take time to make decisions. Why? When everyone works as a team you avoid taking backward steps to correct design elements that don’t work in construction.

#8 Open communication. Design build is an adaptive, transparent process that relies on open and honest communication. The best partnerships are those where people feel free to say what everyone needs to hear, not what they want to hear. Another bonus: clear communication about the budget is established early on and becomes the foundation of the entire project.

#7 Shared vision. Design build brings together a talented group of creative professionals who all have the same goal: to deliver an enjoyable remodeling experience that fully realizes the client’s vision.

#6 Client involvement. The design build approach assumes a client wants to be an active participant in the entire process, ensuring they get the outcome they desire. It’s been our experience that clients who are thoroughly involved find it to be inspiring, giving them a lasting sense of pride about their new remodeled home.

#5 Professional guidance. No ifs, ands, or buts, design and construction should not be chaotic or stressful. Design build remodeling involves a terrific team of pros who each bring their specialized talents to the process.

#4 Expertise. Design build firms like ours excel in both disciplines. They possess professional expertise in design and construction as well as pricing and scheduling. At J.T. McDermott, we believe each remodeling project we do is unique to the client and we give it the highly-focused attention it deserves to bring it to life.

#3 Continuity. Because one team is involved from start to finish, design build has an inherent efficiency and the chance for things to be overlooked is greatly diminished. The process also includes an established timeline for selection of materials, fixtures, and other products that the design team keeps in mind as they create the initial plans.

#2 Accountability. When there’s one entity accountable and answerable for everything, including the end result, much more attention is paid to pricing and scheduling in the design phase. Fees, design and construction costs, landscaping allowances, and more are considered from the very start.

#1 Concerted team effort. We firmly believe that we’re all in the design build remodeling process together. We share the same goals and take on the same challenges. Blame or excuses are not an option – everyone rolls up their sleeves and works together to find solutions that serve the client’s needs and wants.

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