You Need to See These 4 Stunning Kitchen Makeovers in St. Louis, MO


When planning a vacation, sometimes the best part is the anticipation and the planning. The same goes for kitchen remodels! Planning and looking for ideas online are some of the best parts of a remodel. You get to spend your time dreaming and saving photos and talking about your dreams for the space. And here we’re going to join in on the fun and talk about some of our favorite stunning kitchen makeovers that we think will spark some inspiration for you and your own kitchen remodel project. 

A Boldly Blue Kitchen

This home in Holly Hills, MO, is right down the road from the largest park in the city. The whole neighborhood is filled with homes rich in character and unique architectural design. Our clients wanted to update the space while keeping true to the home’s original style. This is a popular request and one we find very enjoyable!

The result is a beautifully modern kitchen that still has hints of its past. The use of bold blue keeps the space modern while still giving it a lovely color to focus on. The white subway tile ensures this kitchen has a timeless look that the family can enjoy for years to come. The wood trim around the windows and doors is in style with the home’s historical roots and brings a lovely warmth to the white and blue space. The modern appliances and fixtures allow our clients to cook their modern meals with ease in this historically beautiful kitchen. 

Expansive Kitchen with a View

We often hear how homeowners love the neighborhood or the view the home provides, but it’s not in a style they prefer. This was the same story for our clients with this large kitchen remodel. Their home provided a fantastic view of the Mississippi River and downtown St. Louis, but they wanted it updated and to open the kitchen to the living area so they could view this amazing skyline from the kitchen. 

The new kitchen has a sleek and modern design reflecting our client’s personal taste. We opened the walls up to provide the kitchen with better lighting and give the homeowners a better view of the St. Louis skyline. While the cabinets are a modern flat-panel design painted gray, and the countertop is a contemporary white, warmth is brought back into the space with the wood flooring, the wood details in the chairs, and the pendant lights over the kitchen island. Our clients will want to host every holiday, birthday, and happy event at their own home with their new kitchen!

From Outdated to Stunning

Another older home in desperate need of an update, but with a desire to save its original character, our clients came to us with a short timeframe and a pressing need for more accessible features in their home. So we gave them just that with this kitchen and bathroom remodel. The kitchen is now brighter and more accessible for everyone to use. We kept the small details of the trim work to keep it in line with the style of the home, but the new cabinets and countertops bring light to the space. 

To add just a bit more character, the homeowners brought an emerald green furniture piece to add storage to the kitchen while also bringing more historical charm to the newly remodeled space. 

Historic Kitchen Transformation

We had the privilege of working on this historic Creve Coeur home built by the homeowner’s grandfather. The history and meaning behind this home meant we had to be smart and precise with our remodel. With a close eye on their budget, we guided our clients through the design and remodel process successfully. They now can enjoy their modernized home with new appliances, cabinets, and countertops where they will spend hours cooking meals and spending time together as a family with their brand new baby boy. 

The kitchen island gives them plenty of counter space for meal prepping or entertaining, and with the provided seating, it’s also the perfect spot to drink their morning coffee. The tile backsplash is modern but still keeps in line with the home’s history with the two warm brown tile accents running down the length of the wall. We also included under cabinet lighting to make any cooking taste easier, and the additional touch of lighting under the island counter ledge is ideal for mood lighting. We love being a part of this generational home transformation, and this was extra special as the clients started their own family. 

From more modern design to traditional styles, these kitchens stick out in our minds as some of our favorites that we had the opportunity to create. Maybe you found an element you now have to have in your kitchen remodel, or perhaps this was the push you needed to take the next step in your remodeling journey.

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