3 Tips for Remodeling a Kitchen in Webster Groves


There are a lot of guides talking about the best way to go about remodeling a kitchen; in fact, we have some of our own! Like this Guarantee Project Success with This Kitchen Design Checklist blog, or this 9 Kitchen Design Ideas from 2021 That You Shouldn’t Miss. We’ve even covered specific design topics and how to ensure you achieve the perfect design, including 16 Traditional Kitchen Wall Colors You Might Want to Try for Your St. Louis Home and 8 Elements to Consider for the Perfect Kitchen Island Remodel in Your St. Louis Home. Not to mention our blog about the mistakes many people make when remodeling a kitchen: 9 Most Common Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid When Designing a New Kitchen in St. Louis, MO.

However, today we’ll be talking specifically about remodeling a kitchen in Webster Groves. While everything we’ve discussed in the articles mentioned above is relevant, there are a few things we think are essential to consider when you remodel in this city. 

A Little Webster Groves History

Just a 15-minute drive from downtown St. Louis you’ll find an idyllic city named Webster Groves. In the 1800s, the Pacific Railroad brought settlers into this town as they grew tired of the crowded space in St. Louis. It was a wonderfully beautiful place to live, with more space and fewer people, but still close enough to St. Louis for work travel and trade. Today, it’s still known for its conveniently close drive to St. Louis, tree-lined streets, and beautiful parks. The city of Webster Groves is proud of its history and architecture, which is easy to see as you walk down its streets. It’s a city that values its vibrant culture and high standard of living! 

Preserve the History

The hardest part about remodeling a kitchen in Webster Groves might be wondering how to preserve the home’s history within a modern design. This is often a difficult balance to pull off, and our biggest recommendation would be to hire professionals with experience in this exact field. Arming yourself with designers, contractors, and craftsmen with experience in updating yet preserving historical homes is the best way to ensure your project is successful. 

Doing your research and learning more about the history of your home will make it easier when deciding which elements to preserve and which to update. For example, you might find out that the lighting fixture over the dining table has a unique and beautiful history that you want to keep. Or you might learn that the rustic-looking “barn wood” isn’t real, and it needs to go. 

It’s all in the details. When remodeling a kitchen with historical background, you’ll find that the details are what make it feel authentic. For example, the moulding in older homes is often ornate, while modern trim is simple. To ensure you don’t lose the historic charm preserve these details whenever you can. 

A Nod to the Modern

Western Groves is proud of its history, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t full of modern convenience. When adding modern pieces into a historical design, be sure to do so with care. Typically, you only update items to current standards regarding plumbing and lighting. However, adding a bit of simple modern lines to a traditional design can be done tastefully. We recommend having someone with experience in this exact situation to ensure it flows seamlessly and beautifully. 

A Splash of Personality

Don’t forget that while your home might have a rich history, it’s now your house, which means if you like something, even though it doesn’t suit the home’s historical style, it doesn’t mean you have to skip out on the things you want. Be sure to evaluate your own design and the styles you like, and consult with your designer about the best ways to integrate those into your kitchen. 

Remodeling a kitchen in Webster Groves will likely be very similar to other locations, but with these specific tips, you might be able to make it easier on yourself. At McDermott Remodeling, you’ll have access to professionals with first-hand experience working with older homes, whether you want to preserve the history or not. So contact us today or check out more of our resources to ensure your project is successful.

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