How to Achieve the Perfect Mosaic Backsplash Design in St. Louis: Plus 6 Favorites


Classic subway tiles are an excellent choice for a kitchen backsplash, but if you’re looking for something more unique, you might want to try a mosaic backsplash! There are so many creative patterns, and they aren’t all “in-your-face” designs. The range of simple and extravagant is one of the many reasons mosaic backsplash designs are a great way to add a bit of personality to your kitchen remodel. 

Embrace the Fun Shapes

All tiles come in many shapes and sizes, but mosaics are notorious for unique angles that can bring an edge to a simple backsplash without needing a bold color choice. A standard rectangle tile looks great, but thousands of tiny rectangles are edgy and modern! Its options and combinations are endless; to a designer, it’s like a playground! Check out these stunning green tiles in a stretched hexagon shape. 

Bold Color Simple Design

If you aren’t sold on all the fun shapes you can choose from; you can always opt for a simple circle or square tile but in a bold color. The backsplash is the perfect spot in a kitchen to highlight a favorite color or add a focal point. Stand-out colors like this square mosaic by modwalls is precisely what your kitchen might need!

Add Metallic Tiles for a Wow Factor

Not wowed enough? Perhaps you should consider metallic mosaic backsplash tiles! Like these by Ivy Hill Tile, metallic tiles add a wow factor to any tile design. Of course, you don’t have to go so bold as those, but even silvery tiles within a more simplistic design can be the ideal way to add pizzazz to your kitchen without committing to an entire wall of metal tiles. 

Take Advantage of Custom Designs

When you think of mosaic tiles, do you think of the European churches with ceilings covered in tiny tiles that create an elaborate scene? So do we! If those are the vibes you’re after, you should check out mosaic backsplash tile designs like this one from Etsy creator AnatCohenArtStudio. You can even have these designs flow organically through your kitchen without the constraint of straight lines. This is the way to go if you’re looking for a custom and truly unique design. 

Too Much? Keep it Simple 

As we can see, mosaic backsplash tile design can quickly get out of hand. There are so many ideas, opportunities, and fun things to try you might get quickly overwhelmed. If you love the small tile aesthetic but think the other elements are too over the top, keep it simple. For example, these black tiles are simple but still give the mosaic feel. Or these cream tiles are an organic shape but come in a subtle color that won’t be too in your face. 

Ultimately, your mosaic backsplash should represent a piece of your personality and reflect an element of your style. Whether you go with fully custom tiles in an organic shape or keep it low-key with geometric shapes and a neutral color pallet, mosaic tiles are flexible enough to accommodate both. To ensure your tile design is on point, we recommend having a professional designer on your side. Here at McDermott Remodeling, we have in-house designers that can help you find your perfect mosaic backsplash!

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