Inspiring Ways to Repurpose that Kitchen Desk Space that You Never Use in St. Louis, MO


Kitchen deck spaces were trendy about ten years ago, but now they collect mail, unfinished school projects, and other odds and ends that make it one big junk collector. In addition, it’s too small to sit at and get any work done, and it’s too awkward to use as a cooking space, so what do you do with that space to make it more useful to you and your family? 

There are many ways you can reclaim this section of your kitchen and make it a productive and valuable space. The best way to take advantage of it is to consider ways your specific lifestyle could benefit from it. For example, are you a small appliance collector where you could store your waffle iron there? Or do you love hosting parties, and it would make a great cocktail bar? Let’s explore some of the ways you can utilize this unused space. 

Coffee Bar

We all either know a coffee nut, or we are the coffee nut. Nothing is better than starting your day with a relaxing coffee routine, and nothing can ruin that routine like a messy counter or not enough space for your coffee tools. So transform that useless desk space into a coffee bar and fill it will pour-overs, espresso machines, whole beans, milk frothers, and fancy coffee cups. It’s the little things in life, and having a space dedicated to making delicious coffee can be a great way to improve the kitchen’s functionality and keep your coffee routine out of everyone else’s way as everyone gets ready in the morning. You could even add a chalkboard to make it feel like a mini coffee shop!


After spending so much time at home, we’ve all probably gotten pretty good at making our favorite cocktails. But where do you store all those flavors, liquor, and tiny umbrellas? Convert that clutter magnet of a kitchen desk space into a convenient home bar where you can shake, stir, and mix to your heart’s content. You can add a wine rack, stack your fancy glasses on the shelving above, and install a mini drink refrigerator where the chair is supposed to go. Then, invite your friends over and skip the sweaty bars to have a fun and tasty party at your own home. Maybe even add some LEDs around the cabinets to add some extra flair!

Wine Station

 Some enjoy cocktails with cherries and olives, but some will always go for a glass of wine. Wine fanatics usually have impressive collections that often don’t get the attention or display space they deserve. So if you’re never without a glass of wine on a Friday night, maybe turn that kitchen desk space into a wine station. Complete with an ice bucket, mini drink refrigerator, fancy corkscrews, and ample amount of storage for all your fancy, unique, and favorite wine bottles. You can even build or utilize existing shelving for red wine glasses, champagne glasses, white wine glasses, and your “special occasion” glasses. Never wonder where that vintage bottle went again with all your wine on display and easy to reach. 

Small Appliance Niche

Crockpots, food processors, hand mixers, stand mixers, waffle iron, panini grills, or whatever it is you consider must-haves, these small kitchen appliances take up precious counter space. Clear your counters and utilize that messy kitchen desk space by making it a designated area for all your small kitchen appliances. You can even add more receptacles so items like blenders and toasters can stay plugged in without them getting in the way of your other countertop space. Use the cabinet storage and drawer storage for cords or utensils that are specific to those smaller appliances. Like pulp catchers for juicers or tongs for pulling out deliciously golden brown waffles! You can even decorate with your favorite wooden cutting boards to make it a valuable and pretty space. 

Cookbook Library

Whether you’re an avid cook, a beginner, or you cook only when absolutely necessary, you probably still have an extensive collection of cookbooks. Maybe you use them every day, and perhaps you only turn to them when you need inspiration for your next culinary adventure. Either way, using that useless kitchen desk space as a cookbook library can be an aesthetically pleasing way to use the space. Use the shelving or cabinets to store all those tomes of delicious food inspiration, then display your favorites or most used on the counter space below. You can even rest your Bluetooth speaker on the counter and listen to your favorite music while pursuing the recipes. 

No matter what makes the most sense for you, redesigning this small space in your kitchen will make a massive difference in functionality and aesthetics. You’ll just have to find somewhere else to put the junk mail!


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