How Long Should it Take? A Bathroom Remodel Timeline


So you’d like to remodel your bathroom, but it’s scary to think you’ll be without it for the unforeseeable future! The internet is filled with bathroom remodel horror stories of never-ending deadlines. To avoid having a horror story of your own, it’s important to find a contractor you can trust with a design-build process that will ensure your project ends on time and on budget. We’ve designed a three-phase process to help you better understand the timeline of a bathroom remodel. This can give you the peace of mind you need to jump right into it and finally have the bathroom of your dreams.

Phase 1: Preliminary Planning

This is a critical first step to a successful project.

Design Consultation

In this virtual, no-pressure consultation we’ll explore your goals, listen to your concerns, and create a list of priorities for your project. You must be comfortable and confident in your choice of project partners, and this meeting with help us both know we’re starting off on the right foot.

Initial Design and Measuring

Now the fun starts. We’ll start by getting to know your space through detailed measurements and a deeper dive into your project scope and budget target. We’ll present you with an initial design for your approval. When you love it, we’ll move on to the next step.

Phase 2: Detailed Planning

Our detailed planning will ensure that delays are reduced and almost guarantees your project finishing on time and on budget.

Selection Choices

From tile to lighting, selecting just the right finishes for you will make your project uniquely you, and nail down the cost of all of these important items. You’ll spend time with your personal designer shopping for selections and choosing every detail that will go into your bathroom remodel. Trade partners will visit your home and will also provide more accurate investment ranges. We’ll work with our trade partners to finalize project details and provide you with a final design and project budget. When the design and pricing meet your needs, we’re on to the construction phase.

Phase 3: Construction


Don’t prepare for construction just yet. Like a perfectly choreographed dance, our team organizes every detail that an assigned lead carpenter will organize. A schedule will be provided to you so you can always know what’s next on the agenda. Once the pre-construction meeting has occurred, materials are ordered, and everyone is scheduled, construction can finally begin. 


While bathroom construction timelines can vary depending on scope and complexity, they tend to run between six and ten weeks in length.

From demolition to tile work there’s a lot of moving parts that your lead carpenter will pull together seamlessly. Without a well-developed plan, projects can be easily derailed. However, since you spent the time planning, selecting, and designing your bathroom down to every detail, this part of the remodeling phase can go smoothly. This eliminates almost any hiccups that might extend construction time and leave you without a bathroom for longer than expected. 

Getting started can be hard, and downright daunting. Let the team at McDermott Remodel walk you through a thoughtful approach to making your project a reality. We’ll guide you every step of the way, and make sure your home, your family, and your budget are respected from start to finish.

Ready to get started?