Get the Most out of These 6 Multi-Functional Open Kitchen Designs for St. Louis


There are very few items in our homes that we require only one thing from them. Often we use something for multiple different uses, and if it’s a one-use item, we struggle to find reason enough to purchase it. We also expect this from our homes, and the kitchen is the most diversely used room in the house. While you do cook your meals in it, you also likely host parties, answer phone calls, start science projects, have your morning coffee, and maybe even use it as a home office. With all these different needs, it can be helpful to make some adjustments to your kitchen to make it more multi-funtional. Here we’re going to go through some easy ways to make your kitchen more accommodating as well as more in-depth methods to make the most out of this heavily used room.

Kitchen Island

Adding a kitchen island can be an excellent way to provide you and your family with extra space for activities. Here kids can do homework or projects, spouses can read or work, and the cooks in the home can prep or host parties while giving guests a place to sit or stand. One of the best aspects of kitchen islands is their ability to be any size or shape you need them to be. Even if you don’t have a large kitchen, you might still be able to fit a small rolling island. However, if you can fit a built-in island with seating and storage, you can optimize your kitchen space to its fullest potential. 


Breakfast Tables

With everyone on different schedules, it’s not often that the whole family can sit down and have breakfast together. But you don’t want to eat it standing at the counter either. A small breakfast table in the kitchen can create a space where morning coffee is enjoyed, and toast can be eaten without walking to the dining room. This can also be an ideal location for morning emails or working from home. 

Open Shelving

Often with kitchens, it’s hard to decorate them. Some cabinets and refrigerators take up any space on the walls to hang artwork or show off collectibles. To add some decor items back into the area, you can install some open shelving. This way, you can show off your mug collection while still having a space to store them. You can add some aesthetic pieces, too, and even change it up through the seasons. Just be sure to clean the shelf often, as grease and debris from cooking can dirty up this type of shelving rather quickly. 

Zoning Kitchen Areas

It will get annoying quickly if you have to keep moving the kid’s school work out of the way every time you want to make a cup of coffee. The best way to allow everyone to enjoy the kitchen is to designate locations for specific tasks. Create a space for making coffee or tea, then set up chargers and plugs for work at home days or homework assignments. Getting clear about what activities are performed will keep everyone out of each other’s way and optimize the space you have to work with. 

Herb Garden

You don’t have to build a full-sized garden in the backyard to enjoy fresh herbs in your cooking. Instead, allow your kitchen to reach its full potential by dedicating a windowsill as a herb garden. Not only will this supply you with fresh and homegrown herbs all year round, but it will also add beauty to the space. There is nothing that will make a room feel homier than a few green plants. And these plants are tasty and good for you too!

Tear Down That Wall

If none of these are an option or you simply need more space for all the ways you want to use your kitchen, it might be a good idea to consider tearing down a wall. This, of course, requires the help of an expert like McDermott Remodeling, but it’s a fantastic way to transform your kitchen and living space into an open and multi-functional room. It allows for better traffic flow, use of space, and it makes the whole space brighter. Again, you might not think this is an option for you, but talk to a professional, and they’ll be able to walk you through all your options, even if it’s a half wall or even a wall you didn’t know could come down. 

You might try a few of these options before you decide to tear down a wall, or maybe you’re ready to take on that more significant project now. Either way, creating a more multi-functional kitchen design will improve the space and your quality of life while living there. It’s also a safe project to invest in, even for resale value!

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