12 Mind Blowing Storage and Organization Ideas for Your Big Closet in St. Louis


More space does not mean your closet items will be naturally more organized. When we go from small rooms to larger ones, we don’t think there is as big of a need for organization because everything fits. Then we are confused when our big closet is messier and less organized than our meticulously planned out tiny closet was. To ensure you’ve taken advantage of every part of that large closet, we’ve found some of the best storage and organization ideas for oversized closets. 

Clothing Dividers

These little divider tabs are often used for kids’ clothes. When kids grow out of things faster than we can buy them, it’s nice to have a way to see what size something is quickly. Separating the clothes by 3 months, 6 months, and so on can cut down on searching for something to fit and make sure everything is where it belongs. While this is a fantastic way to use these tabs, you can also use them for your clothing. For example, use them to show where winter sweaters start or summer dresses end. When we are groggy and tired in the morning, these organizational tabs can quickly help us find what we need. 


Hidden Hampers

If you’re lucky enough to have enough space for cabinets within your closet, you should consider adding a hidden hamper. Although wicker baskets are adorable as hampers, they take up a lot of valuable space. You don’t have to look at your dirty laundry with a hidden hamper, and you can get another item off the floor. Having a clean and decluttered floor is essential in creating a space that feels organized. 

Nifty Scarf Storage

Cozy scarves are one of the many clothing items we love to put on during the cooler months. If you’re like most of us, you probably have a pretty impressive collection. So how do you store these without them being awkward or taking up too much space? A quick DIY fix for this is to use shower rings on a hanger. You can then slip the scarves through the rings and hang the hanger with the rest of your clothes. 

Hooks for Vertical Storage 

Sometimes there are empty walls that aren’t useable for more cabinets, but you don’t have to waste that wonderful wall space. Instead, use hooks of all shapes and sizes to vertically hang purses, jewelry, coats, and anything else that might be too awkward to have its own spot in the closet. You could even use these hooks to display and store your favorite hats!

Reusable Labels

Who doesn’t love a good label maker? Identifying where things go can eliminate miscommunication about organization within family members and keep everything easy to find. However, it can be pretty annoying to change out those stickers when you decide to switch up your organization. Reusable labels are the way to go. Life is constantly changing, which means the way we organize our lives needs to change with us. With reusable labels, you can change it up to suit your life as it evolves from season to season. 

Bins and Baskets

To go along with your new reusable labels, you might want to get more bins and baskets. If there is a dedicated basket for suit ties and another for winter scarves, you’re going to be less likely to spend a morning frustratingly looking for what you need. The more, the better!

Shoe Storage

We are all guilty of kicking off our shoes and tossing them into the back of the closet, and shoes are probably the hardest thing to organize in the closet. To combat these fashion necessities, there are several ways you can control them with organizational techniques. First, there is a favorite among parents, the hanging shoe rack. These can be hung on the back of a door and can hold an impressive amount of shoes. Another option is shoe cubbies. The Ikea cubbies are famous for being ideal storage for a plethora of items, and shoes are one of them. These small square holes are perfect for getting your shoes off the floor and into their own compartments. Lastly, you could invest in these innovative shoe storage devices that reduce the amount of space your shoes take up without letting them get all dirty.

Drawer Dividers 

These aren’t just for spoons and forks. Drawer dividers are excellent ways to organize underwear, socks, accessories, and any other smaller clothing items that often get disorganized and messy. There are plenty of options out there to suit almost any need you might have. 


Ikea once again has precisely what you need. Their closet drawer systems are easy to set up and slightly see-through, so you can easily identify what you need. They come in all different sizes depending on what you need them for, and you can customize the drawer set up. Drawers are sometimes best for items such as oversized sweaters, activewear, or undergarments. 

Vacuum Storage 

Speaking of big fluffy sweaters, there’s nothing better than getting cozy with a big sweater and a cup of coffee on a rainy fall morning. Unfortunately, those amazing big sweaters take up a lot of room in the closet. This isn’t a bag thing during the fall and winter, but during the hot months, you might want to consider using a vacuum storage tool to slim down those sweaters and bulky winter coats. 


Nothing improves a closet’s organization like lighting. Of course, lighting doesn’t make anything more organized, but being able to see what’s in your closet will make the space feel better without doing anything. You can install undercabinet lights on the sides of cabinets to illuminate the clothing and maybe even install more overhead lighting to ensure the whole space is brighter. 

Regular Purging

The best way to ensure your closet stays organized is to purge your clothing and accessories regularly. Maybe set a reminder to go through your clothes twice a year to get rid of and donate those items you don’t use anymore. We all have that shirt that we want to wear but never seem to do it. Or that hat your grandmother gave you that doesn’t suit your style. Donating it allows your space to be clear of clutter and allows someone else to love the items you just don’t anymore.

Avoid the mess of a cluttered closet and implement some of these fantastic storage and organization ideas for your big closet. Remember to invest in reusable labels and purge your items regularly to keep things tidy.

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