9 Catchy Kitchen Decor Ideas That Can Suit Any Style


If you’ve newly remodeled your kitchen, or you’re just looking for ways to spruce it up, finding what decor you like can be a challenge. There are a plethora of ideas, themes, and DIY projects you can choose from! Whether you’re starting over or adding to an existing design, we suggest gathering all the ideas you like then narrowing them down by how well they suit the rest of the space. Here are some of our favorite catchy kitchen decor that you can modify to suit almost any style. 

Plate Collages

Photo collages are a great way to show off your beautiful family, but often these are left in living rooms or hallways. In the kitchen, you can use your antique plate collection as wall art! With varying sizes, patterns, and colors, plates offer an adorable way to fill that space that you aren’t sure what to do with. If you love this idea but don’t already have a collection of plates, you can find adorable antique plates at almost any thrift store for an affordable price. 

Hanging Herbs

It’s often necessary for the kitchen to combine decor with functional objects, and hanging herbs is a fantastic way to do that. You can use cute wicker baskets, custom growing baskets, or anything else you can fit a herb plant in. This is a win-win situation, the herb plants look adorable on your wall, and they provide fresh and delicious herbs for your cooking. 

Utensil Art

This idea is especially useful for those with smaller kitchens. Often we run out of space to store our favorite kitchen tools, so instead of hiding them in a drawer, we suggest hanging them on the walls! This frees up more storage space for the not-so-pretty tools and allows for easy access to the tools you likely use pretty often. It’s most popular to hang items such as wooden cutting boards or shiny copper pots, but you can also hang whisks, spatulas, colander, and anything else you find pretty enough to show off on your walls. 

Antique Kitchen Tools

Similarly, you can use antique kitchen tools as decor as well. You might already have a collection that you wish to show off, or you can start your collection by visiting thrift stores or flea markets. These items are often affordable and neat ways to show off some history. This is especially true if you have old items from your grandmother that you never knew how to show off before. Use some floating shelves and set up a little nook to show them off. 


Wall Signs

It’s a pretty popular decor idea to hang up signs in a kitchen. These signs range from a simple “EAT” sign to a favorite Bible verse or passage from a book. What’s great about these signs is their range in style and size. There is sure to be a sign out there for every style and in whatever size you may need it. You can also find some great custom signs like this one on Etsy to make the space more personalized. 

Food Photography

This idea is for those who love to cook and take plate art very seriously. As you cook in your kitchen and create your masterpieces, pull out a camera, and take some creative photos of your delicious food. Then you can get these printed on a larger scale and use them as art in your kitchen. While you could purchase food photos almost anywhere, it makes it extra special knowing the images are of meals you’re proud to have made. 

You could also take this same idea for gardening enthusiasts. If you’ve started growing your own fruits and veggies, you can take some fun photos of them and print them for your wall. You’re likely to find a picture of apples at Hobby Lobby, but knowing they are ones you grew yourself will make the art extra special. 

Produce Baskets

As we said before, it’s a great idea to combine function with beauty in kitchen decor. Another way to do this is by investing in some hanging baskets and mount them to the wall. Then you can fill them with your onions, potatoes, garlic, ginger, or any other food items that don’t need to be in the refrigerator. 

Chalkboard Menu

Once again, we can kill two birds with one stone by using a decorative chalkboard to plan out our week. Chalkboards look nice on a wall and are excellent tools to ensure everyone is on the same page for the week’s plans. You can add special events, the weekly meal plan, or any reminders that spouses or kids may need. 


From modern style to farmhouse design to antiques, clocks are a universal way to add decor to your walls while keeping an eye on the time. They can also be as detailed or as simplistic as you want. Some clocks have hour, minute, and second hands as well as the date, but others don’t even have numbers. There’s a clock out there for everyone!

The best thing about these types of catchy kitchen decor is the diverse styles, sizes, and designs that they come in. So it doesn’t matter if your home is more of a farmhouse style or a mid-century modern; all these decor ideas have versions of them that will suit almost every design.

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