8 Unique Architectural Wall Designs to Create Your Ideal Space in St. Louis, MO


When you think of wall panels, you probably think of the panels you’ll find in modular homes. Unfortunately, these are often flimsy and unattractive, but they aren’t the only types of paneling that can be applied in architectural design. In fact, accent wall panels are becoming more popular as designers develop unique ways to transform a standard wall into a work of art. Below are some of our favorite examples of how you can use architectural wall designs to bring your personality to life within your home. 

Stained Wood Panels

This contemporary-style room features a unique lamp, stunning art, and a couch that seems to welcome you right in. But what draws you into the space is the warmth of the back wall paneling. The alternating stained wood panels are subtle enough to let the lamp and artwork shine while still adding another layer of interest to the space. While this looked great in a more contemporary style, these panels would also suit traditional design and even mid-century modern.

Square and Black Wall Panels

Dining rooms don’t always get as much attention as they deserve. Bathrooms and kitchens always seem to be in the limelight, but this contemporary style dining room shows off some fantastic design ideas with a wallpaper and wall panel design combo. The lighter wall contrasts the black and square wall paneling beautifully and makes this room a topic of conversation for their next dinner party. 

Wall to Ceiling Wood Panels

You might have heard of a waterfall countertop where the stone or marble flows on top of the cabinets, then waterfalls down the side and connects to the floor. This designer took the same idea and applied it to wall panels. The deep rich browns of these wood panels flow from the ceiling, down the wall, and connects to the floor. It creates an open and more connected design flow. This could work with modern styles or even more traditional designs. 

Trendy Shiplap

Ever since the rise of Chip and Joanna Gaines, shiplap has been a popular installment in homes all across the United States. This trend isn’t going away any time soon, and we love it. It’s suited for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and everything else. You can use it on a whole wall, as an accent, or even on the ceiling! In addition, it can be left raw for a more rustic look, stained, painted, or distressed. It’s no wonder shiplap is so popular when it can be applied and used and styled in so many different ways. 

Mixture of Wood and Stone

You might have grown up in a home with a brick fireplace, and while that red brick might not have been attractive at the time, there is a way to mix and match stone with wood. New York studio apartments made this trend famous, and now you can find it in homes across the country. Sometimes it isn’t even actual brick but a thin layer that cheaper and easier to maintain. Be sure to pick a stone that suits the aesthetic and color pallet of the rest of your home, and this raw and rustic element will bring a whole new layer of depth and design to your home. 

Salvaged Yellow Pine Wood Panels

This salvaged yellow pine wood panel design is stained with ebony and creates a dramatic wall option in a more rustic style bathroom. The light-colored floor allows light to bounce around the room, but the dark walls are the main focus. You could use these on all the walls like this designer chose to do, or you could use them as an accent wall to reduce the amount of dark wood in the room. Either way, guests are sure to comment on this beautiful design. 

Indigo Wall Panel Accent

If you’re ready to take the next step in your home design journey, you might be ready for this bold indigo wall panel. This designer chose to use it in a bedroom to tie the bed and the walls together into one cohesive look. The deep blue is stunning but might have been too much if it was a whole wall. Deciding to only use it as an accent allowed other elements to shine and kept the room from getting too dark. 

Layered Wood Panels for Depth

We’ve seen several different ways wood-stained wall panels can be used, but this one takes the cake for uniqueness. With varying grains of wood, stain colors, and differing panel sizes, this layered wall design adds a stunning layer to the room’s design. You might compliment the piano in the corner, but your eyes won’t be able to resist the natural beauty of these wood panels. You can easily use this design in a modern-style home or even a more traditional design. 

Wall panels aren’t for everyone, but there are plenty of options out there for almost anyone to find one that suits their style and needs. So if you’re looking for something to make a room pop, or you’re sick of the other wall decor options, maybe try out one of these wall panel designs!

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