6 Exciting and Amazingly Affordable Things to do in Shiloh IL


Whether you’re visiting Shiloh, IL, or you’re a local; it can sometimes be hard to know what to do when in town. Below are six exciting and amazingly affordable ways you can spend your day in Shiloh, IL. 

Tamarack Country Club

things to do in Shiloh, IL

Golf is one of the best ways to spend time outside and relax with friends and family. Even if you have no golfing experience, Tamarack Country Club in Shiloh, Illinois, is an excellent place to pick up this new hobby. Just minutes from downtown St. Louis they offer season passes to locals who can take advantage of their stunning course. You can take a virtual tour of their golf course on their website and get a feel for it before you go. If you have no experience golfing, they offer golf lessons. However, if you’re an avid golfer, you could join one of their leagues that gathers on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays. They also host tournaments! 

While enjoying the golf facilities and lessons they offer, you can also practice at their driving range and grab lunch at the bar and grill. To make life even easier, you can sign up online for tee times. 

Debbies Slots and Gaming Lounge

things to do in Shiloh, ILLocally owned Debbies Slots and Gaming Lounge could be a fun way to spend a gloomy day in Shiloh, IL. It’s a quiet and clean environment where you can enjoy games like slots and video poker. Reviewers say it’s a relaxing and chill place and a great way to get out of the house. They also say the employees are friendly, fun, and eager to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Reviewers are also saying that staff and customers alike are following safe COVID-19 regulations. 

Debbies Slots and Gaming Lounge has 12 other locations, and the Shiloh location is off Thouvenot Lane. 

Sierra Park

things to do in Shiloh, IL

There’s nothing better than spending the day at the park. Whether you bring your dog or the kids, Sierra Park is a lovely place to spend time outdoors. Located on Sierra Drive, visitors can enjoy a 1/3 mile paved walking path, which reviewers say is well taken care of and an excellent spot to walk your dog. Kids can play on the clean playground, and then the whole family can picnic at one of the many picnic areas within the park.  

Englemann Farm Park

things to do in Shiloh, ILNot only does this park feature 144-acres of beautiful country, but it also has a rich and fascinating historical background. Englemann Farm Park is perfect for quiet family picnics and offers ample space to play catch with your dog. Since 2007 there have been efforts to preserve this beautiful piece of land from becoming another residential subdivision.

Settled in the 1830s, this wasn’t just another farm; it also served as a refuge to the German exiles. Other than some necessary renovations to keep the historic homes intact, the farm has been preserved in its stunning and original beauty. 

Three Springs Park

things to do in Shiloh, ILLocated on Frank Scott Parkway, Three Springs Park is a local favorite. It’s full of wildlife and offers many opportunities to experience it. There are beautiful wetlands to explore, a 1/2 mile paved walking trail, and a 1.7 mile paved (non-motorized) trail around the lake. Parents can enjoy picnic areas while kids play on the playgrounds, tennis, basketball, or volleyball courts. There’s also fishing on the lake! Utilize the drinking fountains to keep yourself hydrated and be at ease when kids suddenly need to use the restrooms since they have facilities available at the park. And if you happen to be riding your bike, they have a bike fixing station with almost every tool you might need to get your bike ready to go. 

Don’t miss their little library, where you can drop off or pick up free books!

Shiloh Dog Park

things to do in Shiloh, IL

Sometimes it can be hard to find a park where your dog can safely play with other dogs their size. Shiloh Dog Park doesn’t care if you have large or small dogs; they have two fenced-off areas. One is dedicated to smaller dogs, and the other is for larger dogs. This keeps everyone safe and playing together without any worries about injuries. Located on Lebanon Avenue, the park’s dog runs are wide open, allowing dogs to get their zoomies out and chase each other around. Reviewers say the fencing is sturdy, and they don’t worry about their pups getting out at all. They also say it’s well maintained, and the mess of dogs is well taken care of. Pet parents also have a place to sit while their furry babies run around and have fun. 

Visit all or one of these places, and you’ll be sure to have a fantastic day in Shiloh, IL. The parks are clean, the dog park is a small and large dog friendly, and the golf course will even teach you how to play! No excuses now to get up and try something new. 

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