Kitchen Renovation Planning: A Guide to Temporarily Living Without a Kitchen in St. Louis


kitchen renovation planning st louisKitchen renovation planning can be tough. The decision has already been made and the new kitchen you’ve wished for will soon become a reality. You did your homework and selected a qualified remodeling contractor in St. Louis. Still, the assignment isn’t completed. There is much to think about and plan for in advance of a kitchen remodel. After all, living without a kitchen for six to eight weeks is no picnic unless, of course, you plan on going on one.

The first step is assessing what you like and don’t like about your existing kitchen. Is it the dated style? Maybe not avocado green dated but what looked modern in the 1980s looks like the big hair styles of that era; a little gaudy by today’s standards.

Style Follows Function

Maybe it is functionality? Is it laid out so that the workflow between such elements as the stove, oven, refrigerator and sink is seamless or is it inefficient? Often times the issue is that there aren’t enough cabinets or the space is cramped and isolated from the rest of the house.

kitchen renovation planning st louis

These are all common factors that motivate people to remodel their kitchen, but you might have others, too. Whatever they are, write them down and share them with your contractor.

Less top of mind things when planning a kitchen renovation are design elements that incorporate today’s technologies such as installing USB ports for charging cellphones, wiring for satellite, cable and Internet, ensuring there an ample number of electrical outlets and perhaps even wiring for a sound system.

Once you have thought through the issues involving kitchen functionality, now it’s time to look at style. The obvious ones are the textures, colors and materials such as countertops flooring and cabinetry you desire.

kitchen renovation planning st louis

The less obvious one is making sure to budget for new furnishings. That kitchen table that has been in the family forever might be out of place with your new look. As a design-build remodeling contractor, our 3D renderings include new furnishings that match the new style. Not including them in the initial budget might result in a reallocation of resources once the project begins and that could mean sacrificing in the overall remodel such as lesser grade materials, appliances, lighting,or fixtures.

If you have made it this far, now it’s time for the “heavy lifting” if you will. Dedicate space in another part of the house for a temporary kitchen when planning for your kitchen renovation. Move the essentials such as the refrigerator, coffee maker, and microwave to that space. Often times, a garage or basement serve as adequate second kitchens.

Now to Kitchen Renovation Planning: Get Packing

Next, it’s time to pack. Make sure you have enough boxes; packaging material, tape, one gallon baggies and markers to keep you stuff organized and prevent them from being damaged while in storage.

While stowing items in cabinets, this is a good time purge items that have been lurking in the back, are never used and taking up valuable space. It is like uncluttering your mind of needless things, and the items might be something that can be donated or even given to one of the children.

One gallon storage bags are ideal for keeping utensils together during your kitchen renovation planning. Of course, always wrap fragile items in bubble wrap to prevent damage. Using disposable flatware, cups and plates is convenient because, remember, there won’t be a dishwasher or a kitchen sink and no one wants to wash dishes in a tub.

It’s Survivalist Mode

You likely will be eating out more often, but it can become tiresome as well as expensive. Relying on family and friends to feed you for two months can as become old on them. During a kitchen renovation, plan to be in survivalist mode and prepare to temporarily lower your standards when it comes to meals. That noted, some heat and eat products are actually quite good.

Any remodeling project comes as an inconvenience but a kitchen remodel in particular is the granddaddy of them all.  Properly planning your St. Louis kitchen renovation and having a mindset that you can endure it will make it go faster than you imaged.

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