Interior Renovation vs. Remodel for Your St. Louis Home


interior renovation st. louis moWe are often asked this question: what is the difference between an interior renovation and a remodel?

One of the main differences between a renovation and a remodel is that, in a renovation, we can be finished much more quickly as the work primarily involves changing the outward look of a room and updating some features.

In a remodel, we would be taking the space down to the bare bones and rebuilding it to different specifications – a much more involved and expensive task and one that also takes a lot longer to accomplish.

St. Louis Interior Renovation: A Typical Project, Before And After

An interior renovation, typically, will involve what we call a “facelift”. This focuses on the outward appearance of interior features, such as finishing cabinetry and adding new countertops because the old ones are at the end of their useful lives. Adding more lighting and making accommodations for technology are also tasks we commonly take on; it’s all about modernization, updating, upgrading – these things and more besides.

New Cabinetry

For example, we just completed a job where we repainted cabinetry in a home, giving it an entirely new look while preserving the original layout. This was not a transformation of the space; instead, it breathed new life into it without changing the intent or functionality.

interior renovation st. louis mo

New Kitchen Island

Other examples of work we have done include dressing up a kitchen island with new countertops, fixtures, and hardware. The updates gave it a much better, more modern look than it had before and our clients were delighted as they had, in essence, a “brand new” kitchen – without the price tag of a complete remodel!  

Countertops and Backsplashes

New countertops and backsplashes are also quite common in the course of interior renovation projects as they instantly give the kitchen a whole new, updated look without the unnecessary task of ripping the whole thing apart and rebuilding it from the ground up.

Cabinetry Update

In another example of a recent kitchen project we took on, we didn’t change their countertops at all, we simply altered the existing cabinets and then added fluting and new moldings.


Sometimes, these types of projects involve adding half-walls to segment the space or open up the room. A half-wall can replace a barrier wall and open up the room to the rest of the floor plan. We might also think about adding or removing small items here and there that don’t warrant a total remodel but really change the look and feel of the space and generally liven things up.

interior renovation st. louis mo

Finding Out What You Really Want

In the planning stages, we always ask our clients a lot of questions, such as how long they are planning to stay in the home. This is an important concern, because a homeowner may not want to invest top dollar into new features if they are planning to sell. In this case, the same general look can be achieved without choosing the most expensive materials available, adding value to the home without breaking the bank needlessly.

Once we understand the long-range intent of the job, we will review the existing materials (what the current features are made from) to help us figure out what makes the most sense to keep and what can go.

For instance, if the cabinetry is of a high enough quality that it can withstand refinishing, then this could also be an option to consider. Sometimes, it’s just one little drawer or door that needs to be fixed because it is not opening and closing properly and because of this, it’s impacting not only the look of the feature but how you feel about it in general. It’s little considerations like this that can save you a lot of money on your interior renovation.

If it’s not broken, why renovate?

In many cases, we speak to clients who are interested in getting a new look for their home’s interior even though there is nothing physically wrong with it. If the flow of the interior is already good and there are no issues with needing to create room for smaller appliances (like mixers or freezer drawers in the kitchen, for instance), then there is really no need for a major change – especially if you are planning to move and are not going to have a chance to enjoy the changes yourself.

When we understand the underlying reasons you want to renovate, it is much easier to develop a solution you will be delighted with. Are you ready to talk about interior renovation? Call us today to get started.

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