Integrity, Courage, and Planning: The Qualities of a Good Contractor in St. Louis


qualities of a good contractor st. louisIt’s simple, right? To see the newly remodeled space you’ve always wanted turned into a reality, all it takes is to work with a good contractor! But what is a good contractor? What qualities must they possess to make you feel secure in your choice?

At J.T. McDermott Remodeling Contractors, we believe the design build concept is defined by building a solid working relationship with our clients. We think it’s important to know who they are, where they’ve been, and their vision for their future. And we believe that one word over all the others is the guiding force behind the qualities of a good contractor: integrity. Our remodeling process is based on fairness and good business ethics, and we strive to be the best we can be every day, with every client.

Qualities of a Good Contractor

The best design build contractors have the perfect blend of industry knowledge and experience, as well as professional integrity and honesty. After more than 20 years of performing all types of home remodeling projects, we know hiring the right firm for the job is one of your top concerns. So we make it our priority to treat every client with the utmost respect.

A good contractor is one who takes responsibility for every aspect of the job. They’re someone who can assure you with complete confidence that every task is completed on time, efficiently, and to the highest standards.

But integrity is about more than being good on your promises. It’s about creating a work environment where everyone thrives. A place that staff members are happy to come to every day. It’s fostering a work ethic that focuses on taking a client’s needs and desires seriously. It’s placing tiles carefully, installing countertops with precision, and seeing cleanliness on the job site as a virtue.

The Courage to Speak the Truth

This can be a surprisingly tough concept in construction. On the one hand, contractors want to encourage open and honest communication. On the other, they want to be able to give a client everything they want. But when faced with the choice of saying something is going to happen just to make a client happy or telling the truth, honesty truly is the best policy.

It takes a certain courage to say things that need to be said, but we believe it is always in the best interest of the client and the project. We must be able to say, “it’s not looking good” schedule or budget-wise, if that’s the case.

We’ll also tell someone when we think a remodel, for whatever reason, isn’t worth it. We look at it this way: what would we say if the client were our sister, brother, or friend? And for our clients, it’s a win-win situation. They learn to trust us and appreciate that we’re probably having those same candid and straightforward conversations with the team involved in their remodel.

A Process for Planning

That may sound redundant, but if you have a plan that goes in whatever direction the latest crisis takes it, you’re going to end up with a disorganized and unhappy design build experience. We’ve spent years learning how to take the time to look ahead. Our process for planning extends beyond each remodeling job; it also informs how we run our business.

  • In the preliminary planning phase, we get to know each other. We discuss your remodeling vision and talk to you about our team approach to construction. We then move on to a design consultation, budget discussions, a showroom visit, and presentation of design concepts and scope of work.
  • In the detailed planning phase, you work closely with our design team discussing your needs and expectations. From design and fixture details to authorized construction proposal, the entire remodel is carefully and meticulously planned out so that, come construction time, there are no surprises.

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At J.T. McDermott, we value our client relationships and, as an integrity-based business, we offer exceptional quality and service in the St. Louis and metro area. Our reputation depends on taking whatever time necessary to give each of our clients the personal attention they deserve, regardless the size of the remodel. If you’d like to learn more about who we are and what we do, drop us a line today. We look forward to meeting with you!

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