How to Create Your Personalized Home Renovation Timeline for Your St. Louis Home


home renovation timeline st. louisWhen you’re planning a home renovation, it can be hard to know where to begin. Although planning can take as little as two to three weeks, there are many conditions to take into account when planning the entire scope of your renovation.

Once you’ve chosen to partner with a remodeling firm, the best way to ensure your project stays on track is to layout a comprehensive home renovation timeline.

When creating a home renovation timeline, where do you begin?

A number of things can influence your decisions, and it’s important to do the best you can to anticipate any unexpected issues that could arise.  The first step in this process is to ask, what could go wrong?

Who is going to be responsible for selecting the various products installed in your home? Do you have any gatherings planned? Are children coming home for the summer? Where will you put your guests during the renovation? Do you need to relocate your home office temporarily? There are infinite scenarios that could arise, but once you take the time to anticipate these issues, you can prepare for them.

What does a home renovation timeline look like?

A home renovation timeline lays out step-by-step what needs to happen throughout your renovation. The more specifics included, the easier it will be to follow, and the more likely it will be that your renovation is finished on time. 

Here is an outline to help you get started on creating your own home renovation timeline:

Phase 1: Preliminary Planning

home renovation timeline st. louis

This is the phase where you get to be the most creative. You have your first design consultation with your remodeling firm, and you get to share all of your ideas for your renovation. Your remodeling firm will take pictures and measurements of your space, and begin the design process.

This is also the phase where budget restrictions should be discussed with your firm so they can offer suggestions and help manage expectations. What are the financial implications of working on multiple rooms at once? How many times will the electrician have to visit before the project is complete? Variables like these can add up quickly, but by planning ahead you can help ensure you are covered if unexpected expenses arise.

Once all design concepts are presented and your budget range is approved, your team can get to work on Phase 2, Detailed Planning.

Phase 2: Detailed Planning

home renovation timeline st. louis

During this phase, you will collaborate closely with your design team and figure out every feature. Your renovation will begin to take shape on paper as you plan minute details down to fixture and light switch placements.

After those elements are decided, you will work with your Designer to make choices about the products and brands you want to be installed in your home. The next step is for an Estimator to walk through your home to predict costs, and choose materials that fit within your budget.

Once all of the fixtures, materials, and brands are chosen, your partnering firm will put together a final design and construction proposal for your authorization and will schedule a pre-construction meeting before the renovation begins.

Phase 3: Construction

home renovation timeline st. louis

This is the phase of your home renovation timeline where all of your careful planning will pay off. You will meet with your remodeling firm and be introduced to your Project Manager. The Project Manager will create a custom schedule for your project and help you finish outlining plans. When you’re planning your renovation, make sure to add a buffer of time between project benchmarks to account for any issues that may arise. Once your materials are ordered, the construction can begin.

While many factors contribute to the amount of time it can take for a renovation to complete, the biggest determining factor is the actual amount of work needed to complete the project. When drafting this portion of your home renovation timeline, make sure you have a full understanding of what exactly will go into turning your outdated model into the home of your dreams.

Final thoughts about your home renovation timeline

You are not alone in your renovation process. When choosing to partner with a remodeling firm, they will be with you every step of the way. A carefully written home renovation timeline will do wonders in eliminating stress, managing expectations, and ensuring your renovation is completed on time.

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