Going Green: Incorporating Color into Your Cabinetry


mcdermott remodeling green kitchen cabinet ideasHave other people’s kitchen cabinets got you feeling green with envy? If your own cabinets are somewhat lacking and think they could use some freshening up, what better way to do it than with a touch of greenery?

With colorful kitchens taking a front seat in 2020’s kitchen design trends, there’s no better time than to dive in. We love green in the kitchen! A little color in your cabinets is a fun and fresh way to bring your kitchen to life, and the best part is, green cabinets can truly be for everyone.

Green cabinets aren’t all neon and leprechaun hues. This versatile shade can suit any taste and style, and a splash of green in the kitchen is always refreshing.

The Psychology of Color

It’s well-documented that there’s a strong psychological correlation between colors and emotions. Color can be used in many ways, using variables like warm and cool tones, lightening and darkening hues, and complementary or contrasting palettes.

Green, in particular, is a powerful evocation of new life, rejuvenation, abundance, and relaxation. When it comes to interior design, green can be indicative of balance, harmony, peace, security, and renewal. So what better way is there to start your day than with a little bit of green?

Lighter greens mixed with yellow connote freshness and are most often associated with the first sprouts spring. Darker, more saturated greens, meanwhile, indicate stability and serenity; think of the stillness and calm of a mature evergreen forest.

Going Green

As with any interior design approach, making green cabinets work for you is all about the color you choose and the décor you use to highlight it. 

For a bright, fresh kitchen, pair green with light colors. Whites, creams, gold accents, and natural wood elements all make for a beautiful, bold atmosphere. For those craving a more subdued and mature look, try pairing your muted green cabinets with darker colors, like black or slate gray, with white and wood accents. Both darker and mid-range wood tones work with darker green cabinets.

Pale Mint

mcdermott remodeling green kitchen cabinet ideas

Mint tones are perfect if you’re going for a cottage-y or retro vibe. For the full vintage effect, pair your mint cabinets with black and white checkerboard tile flooring, and some retro touches of décor. Think about a diner-style Formica dining set or a funky light fixture. 

If a breezy cottage look is more your style, choose light linen window coverings or gently-patterned fabrics paired with light wood furniture and matte fixtures. A white ceramic apron-front sink will finish your cozy cottage kitchen to perfection.

Sage Green

mcdermott remodeling green kitchen cabinet ideas

Sage green is a more muted tone, located somewhere on the color wheel between the lighter and brighter mint, and earthy and saturated olive. Sage can be either warm or cool-toned, depending on the variation that you choose. Whichever shade you settle on, sage is sure to evoke feelings of calm and reflection as you sip your morning cup of coffee.

Because it is more subtle than other green shades, you can swap it out for neutral tones like beige or greige. This makes it ideal if you need just a hint of color but don’t want to go overboard. Sage looks amazing with ashy wood tones, which will give your space a muted but spacious look.

Olive Green

mcdermott remodeling green kitchen cabinet ideas

Olive is a rich, earthy tone that is sure to start your day off right. Because of its natural warmth, olive cabinets look best with other warm tones. Cream hues often go with olive better than white, which can seem a little stark. But don’t rule it out entirely. Remember, it’s all about personal preference and how you accessorize. Gold accents, bronze, or black cabinet hardware, and natural mid-tone wood elements pair exceptionally well with olive cabinets.


mcdermott remodeling green kitchen cabinet ideas

Evergreen is a stunning jewel tone for those who want to infuse their kitchen cabinets with a bit of luxury. Its deep saturation and bluey-green hue make it a bold choice that with big impact.

If evergreen is your shade, it really makes a statement when paired with a large-print black and white wallpaper, or an intricate backsplash. Evergreen also complements more restrained color palettes and décor choices, like black, beige, white, and dark wood.

If any of these ideas have you gunning for green, McDermott is ready to make it happen. We take all the stress out of remodeling and make the ordering, shipping, and installation process a breeze. Reach out today, and let’s start the conversation. 

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