Contemporary Bathroom Design Style for Your St. Louis Home


bathroom designWe do a lot of bathroom remodels, and all of our clients have vastly different ideas in terms of aesthetics and how we approach the new design. If you prefer a modern bathroom design style, there are some really exciting things we can do to make it pop.


What features make a bathroom design modern?

A modern bathroom style focuses on clean lines, floating features (such as toilets and vanities), geometric tile shapes, and sometimes an almost industrial approach to the faucets and fixtures. You might choose floor-to-ceiling glass for your shower enclosure, eschewing shower doors entirely in favor of a walk-in spa-type shower style.

Chrome finishes and textured tile also fit in with the modern approach. Natural stone, slate, marble, and quartz can become the décor, giving you a modern, minimalist result that is both sleek and stylish.

Beyond the design itself, there are some nifty new technologies available that add some futuristic convenience. Radiant heat in the floors, while not visible, deliver comfort and improve the efficiency of your home.

As for colors, black, white, and grey are popular, lending a classy, high-end, and luxurious feel to the design.

Top Bathroom Design Trends for a Contemporary Result 

1. Neutral Palette

Going modern shouldn’t mean your design is so trendy it’s going to look dated a few years from now. Choosing a neutral palette will give you a classic and timeless result that you’ll love for a long time to come. Greys, whites, and blacks can be combined to lend drama and contrast. Choosing darker greys and blacks lend a high-end feel to the room.

bathroom design

2. Stacked Tile Adds Interest and Texture

Using a stacked tile pattern is another way to modernize the look of your bathroom. Depending on what type of tile you choose, it can also create some textural interest, even when the color scheme is monochromatic. Stacked tile can be laid vertically or horizontally, or even a combination of both. You could choose to stagger the pattern or make it cross-hatched to give it more of a geometric look.

3. Floating Vanities, Toilets, Fixtures

Adding a floating vanity or toilet gives the bathroom a modern boost. There are lots of new and fresh styles available, sleek, clean, and some that even skate the line between super-modern and traditional styles, such as a floating vanity in a warm wood grain that features an overmount sink and floating faucet.

4. Smart Bathroom Technology

When you think about smart tech, you might not immediately think about the bathroom, but there are some pretty cool gadgets available that can turn your bathroom into a pretty smart place.

Smart toilets raise the seat automatically and light up from the inside so you can find your way in the dark. Some even have heated seats and a Washlet – it all depends on how much you’re willing to spend.

Bluetooth speakers made for the bathroom are waterproof, dustproof, and some will even float in the tub. It if you’re a singing-in-the-shower type of person, you can even get a showerhead with a Bluetooth speaker built into it.

Lighted mirrors are another contemporary option. Some include Alexa-enabled voice control, a motion-activated nightlight, onboard speakers, and full connectivity to your phone, FitBit, streaming services, and more.

bathroom design

5. Shower Niches, Recessed Shelves

Rather than having shelves for your toiletries and shower necessities, a built-in niche lends a much more modern vibe, keeping the lines sleek and minimalist while still giving you plenty of space to keep what you need close at hand. Recessed shelves above the sink give you more storage options without having to protrude into the space.

6. Flat-panel Cabinets

Ditching the hardware on your bathroom cabinets makes the silhouette sleeker and more contemporary.

Featured Project With Modern Styling

Here’s an example of a recent remodel we did on a bathroom that resulted in a very modern look.

bathroom design

bathroom design

bathroom design

Some of the features include a long, recessed niche in the shower, and a stacked gray tile that adds texture for a modern look and feel. We opted for chrome finishes instead of brushed and installed lighted medicine cabinets. The mirrors themselves have a light in them, within the auger.

To complete the look, we installed a sliding door between the bathroom and the bedroom. The shower also featured a sliding door. The palette was grey, black, and white, which gives it a very high-end look, very modern, very contemporary.

Are you thinking about updating your bathroom with a contemporary style? We’d love to help. Drop us a line today, and let’s start the conversation.

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