Bathroom Design for Your St. Louis Home


bathroom design for homeThe bathroom is probably the most visited room in your house, but ironically, when it comes to remodeling, it often doesn’t get the same consideration as the kitchen or other more visible spaces. However, remodeling the bathrooms in your St. Louis home is a great way to add design, functionality, and even a touch of personal comfort and luxury that everyone will appreciate.

Modern Bathroom Design For Home

Bathroom design, for homeowners, should be paramount if you are looking to sell. But even if you plan to stay in your home, it is something that everybody will be able to appreciate. Whether you are looking for ways to update a home you have just moved into or if you are ready to take the plunge and put your dated old bathroom design behind you, there are plenty of arguments in support of the decision.

bathroom design for home

Cleanliness, Cleanability, And New, Modern Features

When it comes to remodeling an older-style bathroom, a key aspect for many people is hygiene and cleanability.

In the 1970s, it was popular to apply flocked wallpaper and even to have carpet in the bathroom – a bathroom design scheme that doesn’t exactly lend itself well to easy cleanups. Mold, mildew, and the resulting musty smells can be annoying, and for some, it can cause allergic reactions that can lead to poor health.

Some of the ways you can accomplish an easy-clean bathroom are by choosing solid surfaces with few seams that minimize the use of grout, such as large porcelain tiles. Vinyl wall coverings are super-easy to clean with little more than a wipe and they come in a wide range of colors, styles, and textures.

Paint is also a great alternative to tile. Most brands of paint offer a mildew-resistant formulation that is specially made for bathrooms.

bathroom design for home

Bathroom Storage Solutions

If you are sharing a bathroom with your kids, you may need a little more storage than you currently have to give each person enough room for their own toiletries and so on. Having good and adequate storage solutions will help you in your effort to keep your countertops clean and clear.

Recessed niches help make the most of the available space in the bathroom. These niches can be used for linens, shower supplies, medicine cabinets or toilet paper, for example.

bathroom design for home

Get Rid Of Your Shower Doors

If you have a glass door enclosure on your tub, you might want to think about swapping the entire thing out for a walk-in shower. Glass doors are a pain to clean and the tracks tend to get gunked up quite a bit, creating more work for you. Additionally, if you have anybody in the home with mobility issues or if you need to bathe your pet once in a while, glass shower doors aren’t the most practical solution.

To renew or to replace? That is the question …

It is important to note that new approaches to bathroom design are not always the best way to go.

For instance, many people think that a shower curtain is not the greatest idea, but it’s a fantastic way to add color and extend your interior design aesthetic into the bathroom. Another advantage to a shower curtain is that you can change them up whenever you like, seasonally, for instance, to match a new set of towels or maybe “just because” you feel like having a fresh look and feel.

If you are concerned about cleanliness, shower curtains may actually be easier to clean in the long run. Some detergent and a little bleach and you’ll be germ-free. Be sure you have an inner liner on the curtain to minimize wear.

Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are absolutely essential to consider in any bathroom design for home. Here are some tips for choosing an appropriate bathroom exhaust fan:

  1.     Choose an exhaust fan that is whisper-quiet. This will encourage people to actually use it; loud fans do not tend to get activated as much. Not using the fan in the bathroom may result in mold forming.
  2.     Exhaust fans need to vent all the way to the outside. Otherwise, they just end up blowing moisture into your attic, which can cause a swath of other issues, if not right away, then eventually and over time.
  3.     Ensure that the exhaust fan power is sufficient for the space. A lot of builder-grade homes under-power the CFM (cubic feet per minute), so the exhaust fan does not perform as well as it could.

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