Master Bathroom Remodeling

In one exceptional Illinois home, our designer took a family’s master bathroom from drab to fab.

Project Summary: Master Bathroom Remodelling in IL

A simple master bathroom is now remodeled and became soothing, modern, and used the available space to its best advantage.

The Challenge

The homeowners were a married couple with two children in secondary school. This couple was quite handy and did regular fix-it projects around the house. They had a beautiful kitchen and an incredible backyard with a patio and pool where their kids’ friends would come to hang out. But they were always focused on creating something wonderful for the kids. When it finally came time to do something nice for themselves, they settled on a remodel of their master bathroom.

It was time to splurge. They had saved their money and been selective about the household projects they took on. The master bathroom was the one place that was just for them. It was their sanctuary at the end of long, stressful days—a room where they didn’t have to compromise or put their kids’ needs first.

This time, they decided to call in the cavalry. Even though they’d done their share of DIYs, the couple wanted this project done professionally. They wanted a hands-off process and an astonishing result. That’s when they reached out to J.T. McDermott.

Understanding the Vision

At McDermott, the most critical part of the process is understanding what you like, what you want, and what you need from your remodel. That’s why our designer immediately got to work collaborating with the homeowners, learning more about their style, preferences, and budget.

The wife loved to take baths at the end of long workdays, while the husband indulged in long, hot showers. For this couple, the priorities were clear: they wanted a nice bathtub, a spacious shower stall, and plenty of storage. They asked us for a beautiful and stylish bathroom that wasn’t ultra-trendy—a room that was soothing, modern, and used the available space to its best advantage.

With these goals in mind, our designer got to work drafting a model layout. She quickly realized that the bones of the space were perfectly serviceable. Only a few significant changes were needed to give the couple the bathroom of their dreams.

First Thing’s First

The first things she needed to tackle were the shower stall and the linen closet. A massive step-in linen closet occupied the majority of the home’s master bathroom. The shower stall, meanwhile, was tiny. While the homeowners appreciated the extra storage, there was simply no reason for the linen cupboard to be so big and the shower so small. The designer decided the best option would be to empty the closet and tear down the walls. The space would be converted into a luxurious glass walk-in shower with an adjoining built-in custom shelving unit. The shower stall would be gutted and turned into a linen cupboard.

The rest of the modifications to the bathroom were relatively superficial and straightforward.

The Transformation

We replaced the bathtub with a beautiful, sleek, freestanding white tub. No changes were made to the location—underneath a lovely sunny window—so the original plumbing remained untouched.

The bath fixtures were reattached directly to the half-wall supporting the new shower stall.

The New Space

To maximize the open-concept feel of the space, the designer removed the traditional hinged door and replaced it with a pocket door.

Additional Touches

The designer kept the toilet tucked away out of view, hidden in an alcove behind the linen closet. She then replaced the bathroom’s single sink vanity with a fresh, clean double sink model housed in an ash blonde wood vanity. As a finishing touch, she added two sleek, black-rimmed mirrors and brushed bronze fixtures.

The designer used these two metal types throughout the bathroom. Many homeowners shy away from using more than one metal finish, instead choosing to match all their hardware from top to bottom. But this couple was open to something unique and modern. They allowed the designer to use both the champagne-colored bronze and the matte black finishings, and the result is both subtle and stunning.

But the fixtures aren’t the only unique element in this bathroom reno. The designer purposely kept the design simple and stripped it back, making way for the geometric tile floor to be the star of the show. The angular shapes and subdued color palette are perfectly complemented by the room’s clean lines, bright white textiles, light-toned wood, and black accent wall.

The Result

To get the homeowners exactly what they wanted while keeping within the allotted budget, the designer decided to keep it simple. Instead of reinventing the wheel, she used the space’s bones to create a space that met all their wants and needs. Using structural changes sparingly meant the homeowners could get more of what they really desired!

And to ensure that the couple wouldn’t need a style update in five years, she chose one trendy focal point – the floor the homeowners fell in love with – and let it shine. For everything else, she decidedon neutral but luxe textiles and finishings. If needed, a simple and budget-friendly style update could easily be accomplished by painting the accent wall or replacing the fixtures.

At J.T. McDermott, we are passionate about creating spaces that fit both your style AND your lifestyle. We can happily say that this bathroom did both!

If you are ready for a change, connect with us today and let us show you what McDermott can do for you.