Trendy vs. Timeless – 4 Ways to Strike a Balance for Your St. Louis MO Home


Interior design trends are constantly changing, and it can feel impossible to keep up! When remodeling your home, it can be easy to get stuck in decision paralysis and wonder what options are suitable for you and how you can balance trendy versus timeless. Here we’ll be talking about just that and how to ease your worries and plan for the best design for your specific taste and needs. 

What is Timeless Design

First, let’s talk about what timeless design really is. There’s a lot of talk about classic pieces and items that will “never go out of style,” but how do we trust and know which are truly timeless? The two traits that timeless design elements have are adaptability and simplicity. So when you’re looking at a trend or a design element, and you’re wondering if it will be a timeless addition to your overall design, think about whether or not it’s adaptable and if it’s simple. For example, white subway tile for a kitchen backsplash is simple and could adapt to a modern or traditional style. Alternatively, bright green cabinets might seem trendy now, but down the road, they’ll likely be an obvious indicator of when they were put in. But let’s be clear that elements that are not “timeless” are not inherently wrong. 

Timeless Fixed Items and Trendy Accessories

The best way to incorporate timeless and trendy designs within your home is by using timeless design for fixed elements and trendy styles for accessories or easily replaced pieces. For example, kitchen countertops are expensive and hard to replace, so choosing a classic option is probably the best way to go. But to add that pop of trendy style, maybe select unique cabinet knobs and pulls. These can come off with a screwdriver and can be replaced with whatever is fashionable next season. 

Flexible Color Palettes

If you love to change up the look of your home often, or you are always on the hunt for the next new trend, you might benefit from selecting a flexible color palette. For example, a black and white bathroom can transform over time with new colors, finishes, and textures while the base of the bathroom stays the same. This keeps things exciting, and your ever-changing mood and style can easily flow from one year to the next. Similarly, a neutral kitchen can be brightened up with little changes here and there rather than repainting the cabinets every few years. 

Don’t Forget About You

That said, there’s a crucial element to design that we can not forget, and that’s you. It’s wise to consider resale value and the coming and going of trends. However, we encourage our clients not to forget that it is their home; if they want a purple backsplash, they should have it! Our homes are the only place in the world where we can truly be ourselves, and we should do that within a space that feels comfortable and brings us joy. Life is too short not to decorate and design your home the way you want. So we encourage you to go for it if you want to!

Find a Good Designer 

However, whether you want to stay on trend or ensure your resale value won’t be hindered, it’s a good idea to have some help while navigating this ever-changing industry. The best and easiest way to balance trendy and timeless design elements is with a professional designer by your side. Our designers at McDermott remodeling can lead you through the process every step of the way. They are experts at transforming your personal style into a real and tangible thing. They will be able to direct you to timeless pieces if that’s what you’re looking for or provide you with the latest trend and help you incorporate it!

Remember that timelessness does not always mean safe, and trendy is not always bad. What’s most important in a design is that you’re happy with it in the end. So don’t worry about what your neighbors are doing or what the Kardashians have. Instead, think about your style and your preferences, and with a professional designer by your side, you’ll have a wondering space where you feel comfortable and happy.

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