5 Stunning Garage Door Styles You Should Consider for Your St. Louis Home


There’s no faster way to improve your home curb appeal than a fantastic garage door. So if you’re looking to replace your current door or building a new garage and need some door inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. There’s a style for every aesthetic you can think of, and there are varieties within each style as well! So let’s dive into these stunning garage doors. 

We’ve previously spoken about the different types of garage doors and how each of them opens in unique ways. To learn more about that, you can read our blog here. 

Traditional Garage Door Style

You’ve likely driven down a subdivision and seen rows upon rows of garage doors in the traditional style. Don’t think that just because it’s common, there is something wrong with it. This garage door style is tried and true and works with multiple different architectural styles! Like these warm wooden doors with black handle details and curved window details. This door style could work with farmhouse, craftsman, and maybe even Tudor designs. And if you’re looking for something similar but with more straight lines, you could use something like this painted garage door that could be used on a farmhouse, craftsman, and traditional homes. 

Modern Garage Door Style

Every aspect of modern design is sleek and simple; the modern garage door style is no different. They are often made with straight lines and no detailing at all. This black door here compliments the home’s other black trims and allows a small highlight with the square windows on one side. Typically they feature large plates of glass that are sometimes tinted or no glass at all. These doors here are full glass with a wood trim that matches the rest of the home’s trim. Other styles are simplistic vertical or horizontal wood grains like this door here. These types bring a pleasant warmth to a generally cool-toned design style. However, the wood grains can also be stained a light gray to match a more gray and monochromatic aesthetic. 

Craftsman Garage Door Style

Craftsman architecture is anything but subtle with its large columns, blocky details, and bold wooden textures. However, a craftsman garage door style can be simplistic or detailed, depending on your personal taste. If you’re looking to stay true to this beautiful design, we suggest looking into something like this paneled door with windows on top, or maybe this more curved door with decorative handles. Either is an excellent option for a craftsman-style home and could be stained to match your already existing trim. 

Farmhouse Garage Door Style

Thanks to Joanna Gains, farmhouse styles are popping up everywhere! This classic design is homey, and a quick search on Houzz makes it easy to see why people love this style. To match your garage door to your farmhouse, you’ll want to look for barn-inspired doors. Like craftsman doors, they might appear to open from the middle and swing out; however, this is just a design, and the door will open with modern mechanisms. If you want a door that opens like a barn, there are options like these doors here that will roll on a track and give you the full farmhouse experience! But for those looking to open their doors with the push of a button, you can check out ones like these stunning white doors with black details

Tudor Garage Door Style

Tudor-style homes are inspired by early Renaissance architecture and can be easily identified by their stucco exteriors and half-timber details. To find a garage door style that matches this classic design, you’ll be looking for something with a bit of character. Often these styles of garage doors will be made to look as if they open like two swinging doors, but this is simply an overlay on top of a traditional garage door that will be operated in the same way you’re used to. Check out these dark wooden doors with glass details on the top or this more subtle design that would suit a Tudor style with a modern twist. 

Garage doors take up a lot of space and are a massive portion of your home’s aesthetic and curb appeal. So be sure to take the time to find the perfect door for your desired design and maybe make coming home that much better when you get to pull your car through some of the stunning garage door styles we saw on this list.

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