New Aesthetics: How to Get All New Furniture for Your Home Renovation in St. Louis


One of the most exciting aspects of a home renovation is the opportunity to start fresh. Not only will your space be new, but you probably changed the entire aesthetics of your home. While this can be fun to explore, it might also be a bit intimidating to redesign your newly remodeled space. So here are some tools you can use to select new furniture for your home renovation. 

Starting New

Sometimes when we remodel our homes, we completely revamp the space. Maybe it was traditional style when you moved in, and now you’ve updated it to a more modern look. Now your old furniture doesn’t fit, and you want to start over. This is a fun journey to go on, but it can feel overwhelming, and you certainly don’t want to mess it up. 

To ensure your look is cohesive and flows throughout the space, we suggest starting by researching designs and styles on Houzz or Pinterest. Both of these sites have excellent ways to track, collect, and organize ideas. In addition, mood boards are a popular way to convey the types of items or pieces you like and communicate the vibe you’re trying to achieve. Start by saving everything that catches your eye and make a note about what it is that you love about each photo. Then you can start to look back through what you like, delete the items that don’t fit, and you’ll have a much clearer idea of the style, look, and aesthetic you are going for. 

Not only is this method great for getting clarity for yourself, but if you’re working with a partner or a designer, you can more easily express your ideas through pictures. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes there isn’t a word for that exact look you’re trying to achieve. 

Merging Current Items with Newer

Perhaps you want to keep a few items, but you’re trying to purchase new items that flow well with the space and your older items. This can be more difficult than starting completely over, but we recommend still going through the process of finding inspiration photos that speak to you. However, instead of keeping the pallet completely open, try to search for pictures with pieces that resemble your own. For example, maybe you have an emerald green couch that you love; using the search bar, you can look for styles that include an emerald green couch and pull from looks you like. You can study how they used other colors to make the green pop or which type of curtains would work best. You don’t have to copy what everyone else is doing, but seeing how others have done it in the past can inspire you to take it on in your own way. 

Prioritize Pieces

Often it’s said in interior design that a whole room should be designed around a single item. Maybe it’s a painting you bought on your honeymoon or an antique chest that’s been in your family for years. No matter what it is, choosing paint colors, curtain styles, accent pillows, and lamp designs based on one item can make it easier to keep the room looking uniform. While the eclectic look is still a fun and unique way to style your home, you don’t want to do it by accident if that’s not what you wanted. Choosing an item to base your whole design on will help guide you away from things you love but don’t suit the overall theme. 

Don’t Forget About Thrifting & DIY

Whether you’re starting over with all new pieces or you’re buying a few, don’t forget about the power of thrifting. Especially if you’re going for a more antique or retro look, you can find fantastic deals that might need a little cleaning up to shine in your new space. Even if you aren’t an avid DIYer, there are simple and easy ways you can take an older piece of furniture and spruce it up to make it suit your space perfectly. It’s also a fun project to take on, making the item even more special for you and your home. 

It’s exciting to start over, and it can feel like one massive shopping spree! Just remember to do some research before you click buy, be sure you know precisely the look you’re going for, and don’t forget to check out some local thrift stores for some deals.

Ready to get started?