6 Swoon Worthy Luxury Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas for Your St. Louis Home


While hardwood flooring is a staple within kitchens, tile has been making a comeback. This is especially true for higher-end designs where a feeling of luxury is paramount. So let’s walk through what makes a tile luxurious and point out some of our favorite kitchen floor tiles to spark inspiration.

What Makes a Luxurious Kitchen Tile?

There are several options when it comes to tile materials for a kitchen floor. However, not all of these are considered luxurious. 

Designed by Professional

The designer behind the luxurious kitchen floor tile is the most crucial aspect. You can take the most beautiful marble tiles, but without a skilled professional designer there to artfully layout the tiles, it won’t give off that feeling of high-end flooring. Not only will a designer know how to create a cohesive tile design, but they will also know how to write it so that the installer can read it and make it real. A designer without excellent communication skills won’t be able to explain their ideas clearly, which could be devastating to your overall project. 


Skill of Installer

The next critical part of a successful kitchen floor tile is the installer. Craftsmen are what make great designs come to life. Your designer can draw the most stunning tile layout, but without a skilled installer on your team, your dream flooring won’t turn out the way you wish it would. That’s why it’s vital to have a contractor on your side who knows the best of the best and can bring together all the right people for your project. 

Quality of Materials

While saving money here and there is a great way to get what you want without breaking the bank, there are some things you can’t afford to go cheap on. Quality tiles and grout are some of those things. Unfortunately, making tiles is a skill that takes years to hone and perfect, and that skill can push the cost of tiles higher and higher. Find a tile brand that knows their craft to ensure your tiles look stunning in your kitchen design. If you’ve spent the time to find the perfect contractor, they’ll be able to help you on this search. 

Some of Our Favorite Luxury Kitchen Floor Tile Designs

Of course, there is an endless array of options for luxury tiles, but here we’ve collected a list of some of our favorites. They are perfect examples of the importance of a cohesive design that flows from floor to ceiling. 

Equestrian Farmhouse Kitchen

This farmhouse kitchen is skillfully designed, from the rustic wooden beams to the details cabinet hardware. With all the white within the cabinets and the black countertops, the natural color floor tiles warm up the space and will be pleasant to walk on in the hot summer months. 

Transitional Kitchen

When looking around this kitchen, you’ll notice that most of the details are modern, simple, and sleek. However, the tiles are colorful and in an intricate pattern. This makes it perfect for the transitional design. The soft colors are vibrant but subtle and make for a more luxurious design. 

Cool Contemporary Kitchen

These tiles are perfect for those looking for the durability of a tile floor but the warmth and aesthetic of hardwood. Within this sleek contemporary design and the cooler colors of the cabinets and countertops, the warm tiles bring a sense of calm and luxury to the design. 

Warm Contemporary Kitchen

Similar but opposite to the previous example, this contemporary kitchen has a warm vibe with wooden cabinets. The cool marble gray flooring brings back the contemporary style while making it feel even more luxurious with its smooth surface. 

Lodge Kitchen

This lodge-style kitchen has optimized the inviting nature of the great outdoors. The large island allows friends and family to gather around, and the natural stone tiles are a perfect addition to this aesthetic. 

Modern Kitchen

Although big marble tiles are a fantastic way to bring luxury to a kitchen design, in this kitchen, with its warm cabinetry, brilliant backsplash, and simple details, the tiny tiles on the floor are a perfect compliment. They are unique and add fantastic texture to the design of this kitchen. 

We understand that the idea of selecting the perfect tile for your luxurious kitchen floors is daunting. We recommend you find the best contractor in St. Louis who will connect you with a team. Here at McDermott Remodeling, we have a passion for creating stunning designs. Let us help you achieve your dream luxury kitchen!

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