Cooking Up Inspiration: Exploring Kitchen Instagrams


Are you feeling creatively hamstrung? Looking for some stylistic inspiration? So are we! At McDermott, we’re constantly on the hunt for the newest tips and trends for interior design. That search for interior innovation led us to scour the web, looking for designers, decorators, and influencers with an eye for style. And the perfect place to find those advanced aesthetics could only be Instagram.

This platform is the ideal home for visual inspiration. Because it is so image-centric, you don’t have to use your imagination to picture what these experts are talking about—you can see it for yourself!

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite home design Instagram accounts. Today, we’re going to focus on kitchens, an area ripe with opportunity and begging for a little creative license. Your kitchen is a blank canvas, and these influencers will show you how to paint!

Who To Follow on IG For Kitchen Inspo

On Instagram, there’s something for everyone: every size kitchen, every shape, every taste, preference, and style. We’re showcasing a few of those here, but you should consider this an introductory course to the wide world of Instagram inspiration. These are some of our favorites, but if they don’t pique your interest, there is guaranteed to be something out there that does—you just have to find it!

Let’s dive in. Down the rabbit hole we go …


Yes, this is an aggregator page, but we think Kitchens of Insta is perfect for homeowners who aren’t sure what they’re looking for yet. There are a variety of styles showcased here, but the ones you’ll see most often are transitional and contemporary kitchens. Their renovations are bright, clean, eye-catching, and modern without being overly faddish. A wide range of designers have their work featured on this page and are always tagged in the caption. That way, if you like what you see, you can click on their page to see more of their work. The page has over one million followers, so it’s evident that they have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to new and upcoming trends.


Zoe Feldman loves to play around with color, texture, and patterns, and that’s especially clear in her kitchen designs. Her work is unique, mixing bold and natural with perfect ease. Her work is packed with personality, and she isn’t afraid to take it there. Her work could be called transitional, as it merges the old and new, neutrals and jewel tones, and plastics with fibers. There’s something both classically elegant and startlingly fresh about her designs. There’s plenty of inspiration to be found here.


VIGO Kitchen & Bath is pure contemporary style, through and through. On this page, you’ll find an abundance of black, white, and grey color schemes paired with sleek shapes and lines. There’s nothing frilly about these designers. They keep it simple but take it up a notch with their own innovative products, like their beautiful modern water fixtures, from gooseneck sprayers to open channel faucets. Their work is beautiful in its simplicity. Some might call it severe, but others will most certainly call it stylish.


If you’re looking for rustic-meets-modern, then Kate Marker’s page has a lot to offer you! This designer’s hallmarks are clean lines, bright white color schemes, and an overall toned-down aesthetic. It may sound sparse, but it’s truly anything but. Her style evokes a hint of Scandinavian design with its minimal-yet-welcoming feel. It embraces comfort, cleanliness, and a subdued color palette and introduces a natural influence with its textiles: pale wood, linen, and woven mats make regular appearances. Crisp, clean, and beautiful are the words we would use to describe it!


L’Atelier Paris brings the glamor. The kitchens you’ll find on this page range from opulent traditional design to sleek contemporary, but one thing is constant throughout, and that’s the incredible kitchen appliances they create. Ranges, ovens, and range hoods stand as the centerpiece of these incredible kitchens: they loudly announce, “a chef lives here!” Of course, not everyone will be able to afford these pieces, but you can certainly draw inspiration from them nonetheless. There’s a distinct focus on metallics, especially bronze, silver, and gold. Rich colors, such as olive, black, and warm wood hues abound. Clean lines, both curved and straight, are a must-have. Borrow some of these style tips, and you’ll be turning up the heat in no time!

This is just a taste of what Instagram has to offer to the aspiring kitchen designer. What will you find that inspires you? Let us know by connecting with J.T. McDermott Remodeling today.



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