Check Out These Fantastic 7 Home Theater Room Ideas for Kids in St. Louis


Did you dream of having a movie theater in your house as a kid? Well, now you might be wanting to give your kids the experience of having their own space to go, hang out, and watch a movie with their friends. It’s a great way to provide them with a space that feels like their own while still being in the safety of your home. It’s also an ideal space for birthday parties!

Send Them to the Attic

We don’t mean this in a Cinderella kind of way! But if you’re wondering where you can fit a kid’s theater in your home, we suggest taking a look at the attic. We have a whole blog about how to transform your attic into a valuable and enjoyable space. One of those ideas was a kid’s playroom, which could easily translate into a theater room! It’s ideal since they’ll be out of the common area of the home so they can enjoy their movie and games, while adults can have their fun downstairs and relax knowing the kids are safe at home. 


One Big Couch

Now that you’ve figured out where to put the theater, now we have to make it feel like one! One way to create a warm and inviting space to enjoy a good movie is by investing in an oversized comfy couch. This couch here is like one giant bed where kids can pile onto and either sit, lay down, or even sleep for the night during sleepovers. 

Projector Instead of Screen

Adding a theater to your home might feel intimidating when you consider that you’ll have to buy another TV; however, that isn’t your only option. To get the whole movie theater experience, you’ll want a big screen, but you can get that by purchasing a projector and a screen rather than an expensive TV. You can find both a projector and a projector screen on Amazon for a pretty affordable price, and your kids will love the experience of watching movies that fill their wall!

Moody Color Pallet

Have you ever walked into a movie theater, and it’s been bright a colorful? Nope! To keep up with the theater vibes, select a color pallet that’s more on the moody side. That doesn’t mean you have to paint the room black, but you can choose darker colors like navy blue, steel gray, or midnight purple. These colors will keep the space dark for optimal movie viewing experiences and make it feel like a real movie theater. 

Movie Posters

As you walk into the movie theater, you always see rows and rows of movie posters. You can bring this element to your kid’s theater design as well. There are many places where you can buy posters like these on Etsy. Find your kid’s favorite movies and hang them up in these affordable IKEA frames. You could even go the extra mile and buy some little lights to go over the poster to light them up during the movie. After all, you always want to be able to find the exit!

Bring the Snacks

There are some really fun ways you can bring snacks into the design of your kid’s theater room. There are popcorn machines, mini-refrigerators, snack bars, and cupholders. You could also get these personalized and reusable popcorn bags. Of course, the kids will love having their own special bag. 

Pillows and Blankets

You can’t get comfy and cozy for a movie night without the proper amount of pillows and blankets. To ensure you have enough, we recommend buying one for each kid and then an extra for when someone spills their soda on one. You can find affordable blankets at a thrift shop, or you could get these insanely fluffy ones from Etsy. And pillows are easy to find at Target or Walmart, but you could also get some of these custom pillows on Etsy for some extra fun in the theater room. 

A movie night with the kids is a fun way to spend some time together. These tips will help you get the most out of the space and create a place where the kids can go and feel independent while still being safe at home with you. Just be careful because you might not be able to get the neighbor kids out of your house!

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