5 Step Breakdown of the Average Cost of a Kitchen Remodel in 2022 in St. Louis


As you consider remodeling your kitchen, it’s likely that the first thing you Google is, “What’s the average cost of a kitchen remodel?” That might even be how you found this! Wanting to know what you’re about to get yourself into is understandable, and often homeowners feel frustrated when trying to get an answer from contractors when they ask this question. While we understand your frustration, their hesitation is for a good reason. So while we will be throwing out some numbers here, we’ll also go over the essential details that will affect the budget of your kitchen remodel. 

Average Cost of a Kitchen Remodel

There are so many factors that play into how much a kitchen remodel will cost. But just so you have a ballpark number, our average kitchen remodel costs between $60,000 and $150,000. Yes, that’s a lot of wiggle room! The cost of a kitchen remodel fluctuates so much because of all the items within a kitchen. The ultimate price of your kitchen remodel will be significantly determined by the choices you make when selecting design choices. 

Key Elements within Kitchens

So what design choices affect the cost of a kitchen remodel? Everything from light fixtures, sinks, faucets, cabinet hardware, appliances, and much more. For example, check out this range from Home Depot. It’s affordable and in a trendy black color. In contrast, take a look at this range from Wolf. Again, there is a significant difference in price and in quality. So you can see a lot of range (pun intended) when it comes to the price of a kitchen remodel. 

Expert Tradesmen

Not only will your selections play a massive role in the cost of a kitchen remodel, but the experts who work on your home will also need to be considered. It’s vital to have someone on your side who has done this many times before and who will know what they’re doing when installing those big-ticket items. When it comes to electricity, plumbing, and gas, you don’t want to DIY that and have something go wrong down the line. It could be dangerous and end up costing you more money in the long run. The knowledge and experience tradespeople bring to the table is priceless. It will make your experience remodeling your kitchen much more enjoyable. 

Permits and the Unknown

When work is being done on your home, permits will often need to be obtained. If there is an extensive amount of work, there might be enough permits required that you’ll want to consider when budgeting. 

While we do our best to anticipate every detail within a kitchen remodel, even the experts miss something now and then. Unfortunately, these unforeseen issues can sometimes mean more funds are needed. This can be a frustrating topic regarding remodeling and contractors, but when finding the perfect contractor, ensure you ask how they handle these situations. 

Global Events to Keep in Mind

It’s nearly impossible to exist in the world today without seeing the effects of the last few years. We were all impacted by shortages across many industries, and the construction industry is no different. Lumber prices skyrocketed as well as other materials. This caused remodeling prices to rise as well. Especially within the last year as gas prices have seen extensive inflation. Not to mention the broken supply chain that is still recovering from months without work. Many suppliers are experiencing months of backorders. In contrast, others aren’t even sure when they’ll see certain products back in stock. 

All this to say that the average price of a kitchen remodels has gone up within the last few years due to things that are out of our control. While these numbers provided here are a great ballpark and can help you wrap your head around the idea, we still urge you to remember that most of your budget is controlled by you and your selections.

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