Don’t Miss These 8 Aesthetically Pleasing Entryway Ideas for Your St. Louis Home


The entryway to your home is a functional space where you take off your shoes, hang your coat, put down wet umbrellas, and toss your keys! It’s also the space where you might let the mail pile up, take one last look at yourself before heading out, and greet guests. It’s the first impression you and guests will have of your home as they enter. So it’s vital to get the design aspect right. 

A Statement Piece

Before you start selecting the items you think you want to add to your entryway, we suggest choosing a piece within the space that will set the tone of the whole entryway. This will make it easier to decorate and makes it obvious you have a purpose in mind. It could be a long couch to sit on for putting on shoes, a large art piece you got on your honeymoon, or an elegant vase full of seasonal flowers. No matter what it is, you’ll now have something on which you can base the rest of your design decisions. 

A Lighting Element

There’s nothing worse than coming home to a dark house, so bringing in a lighting element is crucial to feeling welcome within your own home. Not to mention, it makes it easier to settle back into your space, set down your things, and relax. So whether it be a ceiling light, recessed lighting, or a lamp, have an easy way to brighten the space as you make your way into your home or when guests visit.

Place Welcome Mats

A welcome mat is likely already in your entryway, and they are fantastic at protecting your floors from wet or dirty shoes, and they reduce the risk of slipping during damp or freezing weather. Updating your entryway is an excellent opportunity to upgrade your welcome mat as well! Be sure to choose one with durable material since this will need to stand up to a lot of foot traffic. However, you’ll also want to take your time in deciding and choosing an option that looks lovely and suits your personal style.

Add a Table

We all tend to have a lot in our hands when we get home; water bottles, keys, or the mail you picked up on your way in. An entry table is often called a console table, and they are perfect for having a place to set everything down.

Seating Ideas

Having a place to sit within an entryway might make coming and going much more manageable. Many of us must stop and put on or take off your shoes, set down your bags from a shopping trip, or help little ones with their jackets and shoes. A chair, bench, or stool are useful items to have in an entryway. It’s also another way to select a piece that speaks to you and your home aesthetic.

Bring in a Mirror

Before you head out the door, you might want to take one last look at yourself before showing your face to the world. After a few years of hiding behind a mask, we’re all getting used to this idea! A mirror at the entryway will make it easy to give yourself a quick check before running out to meet friends or head to work.

Invite Some Nature In

Show off the Family

An entryway is also a great place to introduce guests to your family or create an inviting family-focused way to come home. For example, a wall full of family photos is warm and welcoming, and matching them with unique frames can add personality and design to the space.

It all comes down to personal preference when you’re designing an entryway. So have some fun; add some plants and maybe a few of your favorite family photos. But remember to keep it functional with mirrors, hooks, seating, and perhaps a table.

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