9 Shower Benches to Inspire Your Next St. Louis Bathroom Remodel


Shower benches are a popular addition to large showers in modern homes. They are stylish and practical! They are ideal for storage, propping your leg up to shave, or sitting down to shower after an injury or surgery. Often they are built onto the wall and the floor, but they can also be floating off the wall or freestanding seats. 

A shower bench’s functionality and stylish flexibility make it obvious why it’s so appealing to homeowners across the country—wondering if a shower bench is suitable for you? Check out these fantastic photos and use them to inspire you in your next bathroom remodel. 

Small Ledge in Open Shower

This contemporary bathroom features stunning cabinetry, modern lighting, and an open shower. This bathroom style is more like a wet room and is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. The shower bench is designed perfectly to suit the aesthetics and needs of the homeowners. You could easily use this to hold shampoo bottles if the lengthy niche above the seat wasn’t there, but since it has a smaller surface area, it will probably work best as a place to rest your foot while shaving. 

Modern Wooden Shower Bench

This transitional bathroom plays into the contrast of the dark tiles and white marble tiles. The shower is large and is the perfect shower to add a bench. Here there is a built-in wooden bench with wooden slats. This makes it comfortable and brings a touch of warmth to an overall cool room. This shower bench is probably best used as a seat, but it could also be utilized as a place to set down bottles or rest your leg to shave. 

Simplistic Wooden Shower Bench

Another transitional bathroom design that uses wood accents to warm up an overall white space. This bench is floating on the wall and is ideal for comfort. It’s made to be sat on, and the handheld shower head next to it will make it easy to shower for those with limited mobility. It could also be used as extra storage in the shower for things like soap, shaving cream, or even a towel if you hate stepping into a cold bathroom after a warm shower. 

Folding Wooden Shower Bench

Floor-to-ceiling marble and a large window make this shower bright and inviting! The multi-sized niches hold soaps and other shower necessities. It also features a standard shower head in addition to a handheld showerhead right next to the folding wooden shower bench. This is ideal for showers that aren’t as expansive as some of the others on this list, and the warm wood is more comfortable to sit on when needed. 

Marble-Topped Shower Bench

An alcove shower with stunning tiles that extend onto the ceiling, this shower is eye-catching. Another all-white shower with hints of gray and marble makes for a gorgeous, bright, and clean aesthetic. The shower bench has been designed to match. Although this will be colder if sat on, the marble will be easy to clean and blend into the rest of the design. Ideal for storage or helps with shaving; this is one of the most popular ways to include a shower bench in a shower design. 

Small Corner Shower Bench

If a large shower bench isn’t needed, but a small amount of storage or ledges are needed, a small corner shower benches are ideal. These are perfect if you don’t need much space to rest your foot or are already short on space within your shower design. This one is almost invisible within this design. 

Freestanding Wooden Shower Bench

This shower is serene, stoic, relaxing, and inviting. With its large rain showerhead, the large entire wall window, and wooden floor, you’ll never want to leave! The freestanding wooden shower bench suits this design perfectly and can easily be replaced if no longer needed or if it breaks over time. It’s large enough to sit on, and the wood will make it comfortable to do so. But you could also rest your towel on it while you shower, use it to shave your leg or store your soaps on the bottom shelf. 

Glass Shower Bench

If tile is too clunky and you don’t like the look of the wooden options, here is a shower bench that might be perfect for you! This is a simple glass shower bench that takes up the whole back wall of the shower. It almost isn’t noticeable unless you’re looking and allows the stunning peachy tiles to shine. These shower benches look great but will need to be cleaned to avoid hard water spots or soap scum, making the glass cloudy and unappealing. 

Rounded Tile Shower Bench

This modern bathroom is sleek and stylish in its design choices, and the unique shape of the shower bench is no exception. In a room with almost all straight lines, this rounded front shower bench stands out. It covers the whole wall and would be perfect for all shower bench activities, including sitting to shower, propping up your leg, or storing extra soaps. It’s undoubtedly more ergonomically designed than previous shower benches, but its look isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. 

Of course, this list couldn’t possibly cover all the options you have within the realm of shower benches. They can be as customizable as you want! Most of it will depend on your aesthetic, budget, and the size of your shower.

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