6 Popular Edge Profile Granite Designs for Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels in St. Louis MO


Selecting your countertop material is one of the most exciting aspects of a home remodel. You’ve likely already saved photos on Pinterest or Houzz of kitchens and bathrooms with luxurious countertops made of granite, marble, or even quartz. But your countertop decisions don’t stop there. You’ll also have to decide what type of countertop edge profile you’d like to have. This refers to the design that will be cut or crafted onto the edge of the countertop material. It’s another layer of design that can sometimes surprise homeowners since it isn’t discussed much as the countertop material itself. So here we’ll go over what you should keep in mind while considering which edge profile you’d like, and then we’ll go over some of the most popular options. 

What to Consider

Not every edge profile is created equal, and not every option is ideal for every situation. First, you’ll want to consider how fragile the material you’ve chosen is. For example, many granite options are durable and less likely to chip; however, if you select an edge profile that thins out the material, it’s more likely to chip. Those can be costly to repair and will likely never look the same again. However, a quartz countertop can handle a more ornate edge and still resist chips. 

Second, you’ll want to consider how this will affect your budget. The more ornate an edge profile, the more expensive it gets. Most edges are priced by the foot, but some are priced by the inch, which can quickly increase the cost of your countertop. 

Last but not least, consider how the edge profile will look within your chosen design. Some profiles suit modern styles and edges that are better for a more traditional look. No matter what your style, there is an edge profile that will perfectly fit your needs. 


The bullnose edge profile is one of the most simplistic and most popular choices. It’s an affordable edge that still brings a bit of style to the countertop. The edge is very rounded and won’t leave you with a bruise if you bump into it. The bullnose edge is also the safest against chipping. So if you’ve chosen a material that’s prone to cracks, this might be a good option for you. It’s also an excellent option for modern spaces due to its sleek and understated look. 

Summit Edge 

The summit edge is similar to the bullnose in that they are both simple but elegant edge profiles. The summit is a softly squared edge that is ideal for chip or crack-prone materials or those looking for something more modern and affordable. Although it’s simple like the bullnose, it gives a more substantial appearance and statement as an edge profile. It would look great in a modern space as well as a more traditional one. 

Moraine Edge

Moraine edges are a hand-chiseled edge that has a natural and rustic look to them. It hides chips well and is suitable for traditional, cottage, and farmhouse styles. Also known as chiseled edge, it’s a bit more expensive than most other options because it is hand-finished. 

Cove Ogee Edge

If you’re looking for an edge with a bit more design than the simple bullnose, you might like a cove ogee edge. These are the biggest ogee edges available, and they are very ornate and will suit a traditional design home very well. Unfortunately, they are also expensive and makes the countertops more vulnerable to chips. 

Thicker Edges

A new trend that’s becoming popular is a thicker countertop. This usually is just at the edge to give the illusion that the whole countertop is thick, but with the magic of design, it’s just the sides. This is most often used in modern designs, but it could also suit a more traditional home. Sometimes this edge is called rimrock, and these are on the more expensive side due to the amount of material needed to create the look. 

Waterfall Edge

A waterfall edge is a dramatic and elegant edge where the countertop material reaches to the floor and covers the whole side of the cabinet or island. It’s costly due to the amount of material needed to pull it off, but the effect is undeniably stunning. It mostly is installed in modern homes but could suit a more traditional design as well.

There are so many choices to make when it comes to remodeling your home, and the edge profile is another one that doesn’t often get enough attention. Be sure to consider the budget, the fragility of the material you’ve chosen, and the aesthetics of the edge profile before settling on one. This is where a professional designer really comes in handy!

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