5 Tips to Balance Your Energy Meridians During A Home Remodel in St. Louis


There are several ways that a home remodeling project can make you feel unbalanced. Our routines are messed up, we often don’t have access to an essential part of our home, and there are strangers in your home for weeks on end ripping down walls and using loud tools to put your home back together. However, one of the most affected areas is seldom talked about. Today, we’re going to go into how your energy meridians are affected by a home remodel project and how to go about bringing balance back to your body.  

This is a very complex and deep subject, and while we’ll go over the basics today, we encourage you to read more about it over with the professionals at Palm Health

What are Energy Meridians?

To put it as simply as we can, energy meridians are the energy highway to the human body. In total, there are 14 lines of energy meridians, and they run in pairs. You can visualize these lines like highways in your body. They run along the front and back of your body, down the limbs, to the organs, and back again. They would create one big circle if you were to straighten them out. These highways are where the flow of energy, called Qi (chee), travels through your body. And since all the energy meridians are connected to each other, if one is clogged or out of balance, the whole system gets out of balance. It is believed that illness can take hold when this system is blocked or stagnant. 

The illnesses that can take hold can range from the common cold to colon cancer, and many energy meridian experts believe that if we can keep these highways clean and clear, we’ll be our healthiest selves. 

How Are They Affected

So if the goal is to keep the energy meridians clear of clogs, we first have to understand why they can get clogged and what types of things affect them. Fortunately, all the usual suspects of illness are to blame: poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, and injury. But there are a few on here that might be new to you: improper breathing, poor posture, and negative emotions. So there might be some truth to doctors suggesting that being highly stressed can lead to more cases of the common cold and even chronic illness. 

How to Keep Energy Meridians Balanced During a Remodel

So how do you protect your energy meridians during one of life’s most unbalancing and stressful events? First, recommend going with a company that will provide you with an enjoyable experience. We have other blogs about finding the perfect contractor that you can read here, but we simply suggest doing your research and spending a lot of time interviewing options to ensure your project is in the right hands. This will reduce your stress and keep your energy highways much clearer.

Of course, we understand that no matter how much you trust your contractor and no matter how professional and polite the crew in your house is, remodeling your home is disruptive to so many aspects of your life. So here are other ways you can maintain or regain balance. 

  • set up an acupuncture appointment
  • practice proper posture and breathing 
  • seek out a reiki specialist 
  • schedule a massage therapy appointment
  • try out some sound therapy


Our friends over at Palm Health can not only help you better understand the energy meridians, but they can also help you bring balance to your energy highways. Remodel projects are stressful, and we recommend taking time to focus on your own health during a home remodel so you can fully enjoy the space once it is complete.

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