4 Easy Backsplash Treatments that Might Be the Best Solution for You


Backsplash materials are one of the most expensive pieces of a whole kitchen remodel. With so many options out there, it’s easy to see why many homeowners get overwhelmed and opt for keeping what they have. However, other easier backsplash treatments might work for you! Here we’ll talk about why you might want an easy backsplash treatment and which ones we think are the best. 

Why an Easy Backsplash Treatment?

One of the most obvious reasons you might choose an easy backsplash treatment is cost. While those luxurious marble slabs are nice to look at, they are a considerable investment! These easy backsplash treatments are much more affordable. They also save time. Installing hundreds of little tiles around your kitchen is time-consuming, and labor costs are another reason for the high price of backsplashes. Some of these easier options are peel and stick and don’t take long at all. Some are so easy that another bonus to choosing one is that you could apply these yourself and totally spice up the look of your kitchen in one weekend. Additionally, if you’re planning a kitchen remodel, but you just can’t make up your mind about which option is right for you, you can try these cheaper options to try out to get a better feel for what you might want. 

Lastly, one of the biggest reasons people choose to use easy backsplash materials is for homes they don’t plan on staying in for very long. So maybe you’re planning a big cross-country move, or perhaps you just know this isn’t your forever home; either way, you can cover up an ugly backsplash with an easy-to-apply option and enjoy your kitchen while you are there without committing to a complete remodel. 

Peel-and-Stick Tiles

These peel and stick tiles come in a wide range of styles, colors, and price points. You can find them in simple subway styles or even in bright and complex Moroccan styles. What is most important is they are DIY friendly and cost significantly less to install than single tiles. Compared to the other options on this list, you’re more likely to find a peel-and-stick tile option that doesn’t look cheap. While some of the other options might not give you a more expensive look, these (if done correctly) have the potential to look professionally done. If you’re looking for something with more class, more traditional, and longer-lasting, these might be the best option for you. 

Faux-Metal Backsplash Rolls

Metal backsplash rolls are affordable, easy to apply, and are a super-safe option to put behind a stove. Other options such as painted wall backsplash run a higher fire risk, while metal backsplashes are safe. These faux-metal backsplashes are also flashy and could suit a more modern style better than peel-and-stick tiles or a painted wall. You’ll also not have to worry about not making a mess since these rolls are super easy to wipe off if your cooking gets a bit messy. 

Roll-On Chalkboard Sheet

If you’re looking for something temporary that you can let the kids have fun with, a roll-on chalkboard option might work great for you. Even adults can have fun designing, drawing, and making notes on chalkboard paper. It’s super easy to install and can be taken down if you plan on moving soon. Since it is black, it’s likely to suit almost any style too!

Painted Wall Backsplash

There are times to “go big or go home,” and there are times to make things simple. For example, deciding on the perfect kitchen backsplash can be overwhelming, and maybe you just want more time to consider your options; either way, leaving your backsplash as just a painted wall is an option. This is super easy, simple, and you can choose any color you’d like. Painting your backsplash also saves you a ton of money by not needing any unique materials.

These options aren’t for everyone, but they are perfect for those who are looking for affordable, easy to install, simple options for a kitchen backsplash. Life is too complicated and overwhelming as it is; there’s no need to add more pressure to yourself by selecting a backsplash you just aren’t sure about.

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