St. Louis Entryways that Pop


mcdermott remodeling entryway ideasIt’s the first thing you and your visitors see when they step into your home and the last thing they see when they go. Your entryway should make a lasting impression in the best way possible. Why not make it the very best that it can be? 

If you’re not sure where to start, check out these design ideas to make your home’s entryway pop.

Entryway Challenges

Your entryway might pose certain challenges when it comes to decor. That’s okay. Every space is unique, so no one blanket solution works for everyone, especially considering other factors like budget and personal style.

Let’s knock ‘em out:

Small Entryways

mcdermott remodeling entryway ideas

When you’re short on square footage, you’ve got to make every inch count. But that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the trappings of style and luxury. 


Even with limited space, the entryway can still feel like an extension of your home by adding a few small decorative pieces on your walls. To make it look styled without being overstuffed, select a few choice artworks or photos and put them in matching frames. A funky area rug or runner will complete the look to perfection.

No Closet?

If you don’t have a closet, let your furniture do the work for you. Try a stylish chest for maximum storage, or a console with drawers to give you both organization and a drop zone. A flip-top bench is another viable solution for a smaller space. It can do double duty as a seat and a storage unit to keep your clutter out of sight. 

Dark Entryways

mcdermott remodeling entryway ideas

If your entryway looks a bit like a shadowy den, it may not feel very inviting to you or your guests. Here are a few tried and true methods that can lighten up any dark space.

Light it Up

The first, and most obvious one, is to brighten up your entryway with a lamp. Whether it’s a funky table lamp, an elegant floor lamp, or an overhead fixture, there are loads of ways to illuminate your entrance.

Mirror Mirror

The more reflective surfaces there are, the better you can optimize natural and artificial light. For maximum sheen, try small clusters of circle mirrors.

Open-Concept Entryways

mcdermott remodeling entryway ideas

Having an open-concept home is beautiful and breezy. Unfortunately, you don’t really get the chance to “make an entrance” like you would with a more traditional closed floorplan. But not to worry! There are ways to curate an entryway in your open-concept space.

Creating Zones 

Start by creating zones within your space. You can use large furniture pieces to delineate specific areas—for example, if your front door opens into the living room, position a couch in the middle of the room facing the opposite wall. You can then design an “entertainment square” with a television, coffee table, and other seating units around it. This does a great job of creating a visually separate area for living room activities, and you can use the back of the couch as a divider for your entryway. 

Dress it Up

Dress up your “entryway” with a bench, some nice shelving units against the entry wall, a standing lamp, and side tables to hold mail and miscellaneous decor. Throw a fun and durable area rug on the floor, and you’ve got yourself an open-concept entryway, seemingly out of thin air!

Entryway Ideas for Every Kind of Space

mcdermott remodeling entryway ideas

No matter your signature style, there are a few essential elements that every great entryway needs:

  • Seating. Everyone needs a place to sit when they put their shoes on.
  • Mirrors. They give you a chance to play around with light, and you can check your hair as you walk out the door!
  • Wall Art and Décor. Add a little flair to your space with wall art, photos, and other fun personal touches.
  • Furniture. Your home should be a reflection of your style, so show it off by decorating your entryway as an extension of your existing décor.
  • Storage bins. Hide away unsightly mess and clutter.
  • Shelving units. Great for stowing those storage bins!
  • Area rugs and runners. Keep your floor clean and add a splash of texture and color.
  • Plants. A little greenery will bring your space to life.
  • Paint. Add a splash of color to your entryway, and remember that paint isn’t just for the walls!

Don’t let your entryway be an afterthought. Dazzle your guests and show off your unique, creative personality. If you’re looking for inspiration, we would love to help. Connect with us today, and let’s get started.

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