Remodeling Your St. Louis Home to Fit Your Active Lifestyle


remodeling for an active lifestyleIf you are focused on wellness, health, and staying active, there are ways in which you can rethink your home to be more conducive to your lifestyle.

Your kitchen, your bathrooms, and amenities that can be added in other parts of the home help you flow from one mode to the next with ease.

Let’s go room-to-room and look at some active lifestyle remodeling ideas:

Features You Want In An Active Kitchen

If you have changed your diet to include more fresh and whole foods, you might need a better refrigerator. You will need more storage for food, and possibly drawers that have individual temperature controls and range controls between the fridge and freezer.

Filtered water from the fridge is a great convenience too, allowing you to fill up with fresh water anytime you like – and no more plastic bottles!

Quartz Countertops

Countertops are a concern as well. If you are watching what you eat, you will be chopping and prepping more food, so you want first to have a good amount of space, and you’ll also want something that is fairly low-maintenance.

remodeling for an active lifestyle

Quartz will be the easiest to clean and maintain. You won’t have to worry about disinfecting the surfaces because it’s not porous, so juices from things like raw meat won’t soak in or harbor bacteria like many other natural stones do.

The Kitchen Island

If you have an island, you might want to think about keeping the sink out of it or pushing the sink down to one end, so you actually have a functional, continuous countertop space for food prep.

Two Ovens

If you are cooking two items that require different temperatures, a double oven helps you save a lot of time.

The Rest Of The House


remodeling for an active lifestyle

In the bathroom, a lot of active people like a large shower with a bench where they can sit down. They’ll want a good shower head and maybe a steam shower so that they can rejuvenate after a run, if their muscles are sore, or just for wellness.


The bathtub should be of a size you can actually soak in, and jet tubs or Jacuzzi tubs are a great way to loosen up those tight spots after a long workout. Many have jets placed in areas that correspond to the pressure points in the hands and feet.

Chromatherapy tubs are also popular and proven to promote relaxation.

Some tubs have microbubbles that help with exfoliation, so if you’re looking for a fountain of youth, that might get you at least part way there!

Living Spaces

Central vacuums are great time and space savers, and a Roomba will help you with the housework.

Workout Area

If you have the room, you might want to have a home gym; a place with plenty of floor space for your workouts and maybe a few key pieces of equipment, like a Peloton bike or a treadmill.

A finished basement is a great spot for a workout room. They are generally nice and cool, and it’s an out-of-the-way spot for you to get sweaty without disrupting whatever else is going on in the house.

remodeling for an active lifestyle

Some home gym features might include laying carpet or a rubberized floor, installing floor-to-ceiling mirrors on one wall, and maybe a barre for stretching. You’ll need a flat-screen for watching workout videos or just for entertainment while you’re doing cardio.

Racks on the walls are great for keeping equipment off the floor and out of the way, like exercise balls, Bosu balls, and free weights.

Having a dedicated bathroom with a shower and a dressing area would be a good idea as well so you could rinse off and get redressed quickly when you’re done.

If you plan on spending a lot of time in your workout room, you might also want to think about putting a little bar in there, a small fridge, maybe a built-in water cooler, and some counter space for a blender where you can whip up a post-workout protein shake.

On The Main Floor

If you are a running enthusiast, you should have an area, like a mudroom, at one of the doorways so you have room to sit and put your shoes on and so forth. You may also benefit from a covered area outside your door where you can stretch and warm-up before your run.

Reach out today to learn more about how your remodel can support your healthy, active lifestyle. 

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