Range Hoods for Your St. Louis Kitchen


Choosing a range hood for your kitchen isn’t a simple task these days. There are so many to styles to choose from and so many different materials, you might be surprised at the rabbit hole you’re about to dive into.

A lot of it is going to be based on your cooktop or your range, at least function-wise, so whoever you buy your appliances from or whoever you get your cooktop from, these should really be the ones to give you recommendations.

You will need to make sure you are getting the correct cubic feet-per-minute (CFM) rating, and from there, you can then decide what you want it to look like.

One style of range hood you should avoid, if possible, is a duct-free model. This type of hood takes the exhaust from your cooking and disperses it to the rest of the kitchen, so though it’s taking it out of the general area of the stove, it’s not really doing a great job of venting. You’re just going to end up with cooking grease in places you’d rather not be cleaning it off of. 

Chimney-style range hoods

Image by Katosinks

Chimney-style range hoods come in a range of different materials, like stainless and copper. They can look very modern and sleek, perfect in a modern, minimalist kitchen. This style is more appropriate for smaller ranges and cooktops.

Island hoods are another type of chimney hood. They vent into the ductwork in the ceiling, but because there are no cabinets or walls around it, you should make sure it’s at least six inches wider than the cooktop.

Mantle-style range hoods

Image by Stanisci Design

On the other end of the spectrum, a mantle-style range hood is more built-in and will blend in with your cabinetry. In some cases, you wouldn’t even know there was a range hood there at all because it has the same look and finishes as the surrounding cabinets.

If you have an extra-large stove, you might consider this option because it won’t stand out as much in relation to the rest of your appliances.

What size range hood should I get?

The size of your hood fan should be more or less dictated by the size of your cooktop. For example, if your range puts out a ton of BTUs, you can’t just choose a 30-inch chimney hood, it’s not going to work.

In general, you are going to need something that is at least as wide or wider than your cooking surface. Ideally, it should be at least as deep because then it can capture all the smoke and radiation from your front burners, even if it’s a giant gas behemoth.

If it’s a gas stove, it automatically means you will need more CFMs.

Matching your range hood to the rest of the kitchen

Choosing a range hood is going to be a little different for each kitchen. Under-cabinet, plain range hoods are most common in the projects we do. Second most popular would be the wood mantle type hoods.

Some will look great in the showroom, but if it doesn’t match the rest of the kitchen in some way, it will seem awkward.

For example, a wooden mantle-style range hood would make more sense in a more traditional or transitional-style kitchen. But if you were doing something more contemporary, mid-century modern, or something more eclectic, you might be okay with featuring the actual appliance, the stainless steel, the copper or wood material.

Credits to Riverside Sheet Metal & Contracting Inc

In this example, the hood is a black metal that matches the island and the countertops. The brass trim matches their light fixtures. This hood looks great and makes complete sense in this kitchen, whereas in a more traditional kitchen, it probably wouldn’t seem quite right. This example may not be custom made, but it is definitely on the high-end of the scale. It’s likely a $3,000, $4,000 hood from a high-end manufacturer that has made-to-order styles.

Do you match the hood to the kitchen or the kitchen to the hood?

Matching your hood to the kitchen is probably a better way to go, but if you absolutely had to make the hood a focal point of your kitchen, it would have to be pretty spectacular.

In conclusion, there are many ways you can go when choosing a range hood for your St. Louis kitchen. As always, it’s about what you’re going to love and whether it’s in the budget. Outside of that, the sky’s the limit!

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