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mcdermott remodeling kitchen design appsRemodeling your kitchen is no easy feat. There are lots of decisions to be made, and so many options to explore. Where will the island go? What color cabinets should we choose? Is our style classical or eclectic?

Maybe you’re ready to renovate, but you don’t know where to start. Well, guess what? There’s an app for that! Today’s kitchen design apps offer user-friendly tools that help you see the big picture while still allowing your creativity to shine through.

The really awesome thing about kitchen design apps is that they allow you to play around with different options. When you have an accurate visual, it’s easier to understand what needs to be done. It’s serious design work with none of the commitment!

We’ve rounded up four of our favorite kitchen design apps for you to check out. While there are plenty of options out there in both desktop and mobile, we have chosen ones that are specifically designed for use on your mobile devices. If you’ve always wanted the ability to design your remodel in the palm of your hand, these kitchen design apps will be your new best friend. 

1. Home Desing 3D

We love this app! It has a gigantic global user base, and there’s a good reason for its popularity. Use this app to edit your house both inside and out. You can add walls, draw new rooms, and rearrange your entrances and exits. On top of that, you can choose from hundreds of objects that you can drag and drop into your virtual home. Imagining a kitchen redesign or change of decor has never been more comprehensive than with Home Design 3D

mcdermott remodeling kitchen design apps

User level: Advanced

Available for: Android and Apple devices

Cost: Freemium, cost depends on features. Ranges from $6.99 to $19.99. 

2. Houzz Home Design & Remodel/Houzz Interior Design Ideas 

Houzz Home Design & Remodel (Houzz Interior Design Ideas on Google Play) is considered the number one app for home improvement visualization. This app allows you to explore your inner design style guru with ease. It’s simple to navigate, and you can save your ideas into an ‘Ideabook,’ similar to Pinterest. Plus, you can ask questions and find tips and tricks from a community of industry professionals and other app users. If you know what you’re looking for, there are countless objects to choose from, just drop them into your design to get started. If you’re looking for inspiration, there are plenty of photos and ideas from other DIY designers. From farmhouse to contemporary and everything in-between, you’re sure to find the style you’re after. Take a look and let your imagination run wild! 

mcdermott remodeling kitchen design apps

User level: Medium

Available for: Android and Apple devices – also available for desktop 

Cost: Free 

3. TapGlance

TapGlance is a favorite for the less tech-savvy DIY-er. Although it is a bit simpler in concept, it is plenty deep enough when it comes to visualizing your kitchen renovation. With simple drag and drop action, TapGlance lets you create the space that you’ve always dreamed of. You can experiment with layouts, furniture, fixtures, colors, and patterns with a few swipes of your finger. Once you’ve established the look you want in the 3D editing phase, you can see your design brought to life with a high-definition, photo-realistic rendering. Get ready to get lost in this app – it’s so fun and easy to use, you might end up redesigning more than just your kitchen! 

mcdermott remodeling kitchen design apps

User level: Beginner

Available for: Apple devices only

Cost: Free with in-app purchases 

4. HomeByMe

HomeByMe is a super-cool augmented reality (AR) app that lets you do it all. From choosing your furniture to interacting with your design in 3D, every detail is covered. You can rotate items a full 360 degrees, giving you the best view from all angles before you place them into your design. AR lets you superimpose your selections over your actual kitchen, giving you the most realistic rendering possible. HomeByMe has a strong social user community, but it also allows you to share your work with up to six others so you can get buy-in from the rest of the clan. 

mcdermott remodeling kitchen design apps

User level: Medium

Available for: Apple devices

Cost: Your first three projects are free. If you have more work to do, try the unlimited package for $29.99/month.

Are you thinking about a kitchen remodel? These apps are the perfect way to get inspired. When you are ready to get down to work, reach out to schedule a conversation. We would love to help you bring your vision to life.

Good luck, and get remodeling! 

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