Picking Materials Needed To Remodel in St. Louis? Our Designer Can Help With That


picking materials needed to remodel st. louisIt’s a question we hear all the time: “Do we need a designer for our remodeling project?” For smaller jobs, the answer is usually no. For larger jobs like additions, whole-house renovations, and kitchen and bathroom remodels, you should consider bringing a design professional on board. An interior designer can be your ideal partner for picking the colors, finishes, fixtures, and other materials you need for your remodel. With the wealth of ideas and information they possess, a designer provides the guidance you need to create the livable and aesthetically-pleasing space you had in mind.

Picking Materials Needed to Remodel – How Designers Work

An interior designer envisions, plans, and furnishes spaces in a way that makes them both functional and beautiful. Designers are skilled at balancing aesthetics with structural requirements, and they know how to complement your home’s architectural features. An interior designer also cultivates industry relationships with the vendors and artisans who help execute the final design.

The design-build method of home remodeling means the designer and contractor operate as a team that works together under one roof. This streamlines the entire remodeling process, as designers bring their expertise to traffic patterns, workspaces, cabinet and appliance layout, and more. At J.T. McDermott, your designer also creates a 3D rendering that represents what your finished space will look like.

picking materials needed to remodel st. louis

More Than a Decorator

Many homeowners think working with a designer is a luxury service, but the truth is a designer’s goal is to keep your project on budget while getting you the most design value for your buck. They also save you time and open your eyes to solutions you may have never thought about. Much more than a decorator, an interior designer adds value to your remodeling project in many ways:

  • Helps head off potential problems.
  • Designs a look that is custom, not cookie-cutter.
  • Makes suggestions based on current trends and technologies that you might not be aware of, like new storage     solutions, energy-efficient lighting, or universal design products.
  • Comfortably makes changes midstream if you have a change of heart.
  • Works with your contractor to make sure your design is perfectly executed.

Picking Materials Needed to Remodel

Your newly remodeled space will more perfectly reflect your taste, and your family’s lifestyle, if you work as one with your designer. How can you help? If you have trouble articulating the design you have in mind, start collecting samples of materials and pictures of rooms you love. Have a Houzz ideabook? Send it your designer’s way. A good designer will immediately sense the style you’re looking for. It also gives her a great jumping off point for asking you the right questions so she can present you with cabinet samples, paint chips, and fixture catalogs that match your style.

picking materials needed to remodel st. louis

Working with Your Designer

You’ll quickly realize how fun and satisfying it is to work with one of our designers. Here are some tips to make it the enjoyable experience it should be.

  • Keep an Open Mind. Don’t be surprised if you don’t love every single suggestion your designer makes. Even if you’re iffy about a paint color or lighting fixture, don’t immediately reject the idea. Your designer has made the choice based on your feedback and, given time, you may see the reason it works. If not, you won’t hurt a designer’s feeling by saying no!
  • Communicate Openly. Exceptional interior design begins with great communication between you and your designer. She wants to understand who you are, what you like, and what you want your home to be, so be open and honest about your needs and budget. There are no dumb questions!
  • Express Your Limitations. Are you eco-friendly? Do you want only American or artisan-made products? Does your design need to accommodate small children, teenagers, elderly parents, or pets? Will you be repurposing certain materials and furniture? A good designer becomes a great designer when she knows the values you want reflected and incorporated in your remodel.

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At J.T. McDermott, we have two in-house interior designers who do more than help you select colors and textures – they help in the design of the remodel itself. They know the questions to ask to help you discover your personal style, and they help narrow down options so you don’t feel overwhelmed. If you want to learn more about how our designers can help with your St. Louis remodel, schedule a conversation today to discuss your ideas and needs.

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