Not Just for Storage: Which Kitchen Cabinets Should You Choose for Your St. Louis Home?


best kitchen cabinets st. louisKitchen cabinets are the “crown jewels” of any kitchen remodel, an essential element to achieving its sense of style. While cabinet design hasn’t seen as many changes as countertops and flooring, it has gone through a few noteworthy evolutions.

Traditional style cabinets are still very popular, but today there is a growing interest in a streamlined look that emphasizes a simpler lifestyle. From wild and bold colors to unique custom pieces, as you move forward with the design for your new kitchen remodeling project, think about which cabinet options work best for your current lifestyle.

Kitchen Cabinets for a Growing Family

Everyone worries about cleanability and nowhere is this feature more important than in a home with small children and/or active teenagers. You can beautifully combine fashion-forward with family-friendly if you keep these tips in mind.

  • Avoid fingerprints (and frequent wipe-downs) on cabinet surfaces by using knob pulls. If you like the streamlined look, maybe limit it to upper cabinets the kids don’t access.
  • Hide smudges and smears by choosing cabinets with a distressed, stained, or antiqued surface. White is not a great option when kids are in their sticky-fingerprints stage.
  • Get a modern look and make cabinet access easy and fun for kids by installing refrigerator drawers where they can help themselves to beverages and snacks. For high efficiency, locate the drawers outside the main work zone. Many can be easily adapted to match your other cabinets.

best kitchen cabinets st. louis

Finally, think about installing a microwave oven at a child-friendly height. Many people choose to put a second, smaller one in the kitchen island.

A Kitchen Designed for All

Universal designed kitchens are simple and intuitive spaces that anyone, from child to grandparent, can easily use.

  • Visibility is key for those with impaired eyesight. A good contrast between cabinets and the countertops and floors will make the edges easier to see.
  • Spring release cabinets can be less difficult to open for those with limited use of their hands due to a condition like arthritis.
  • If you want cabinet hardware, choose something that’s easier to grip. D-shaped pulls are a good option and they also help protect the cabinetry’s finish by keeping dirty hands at bay.

best kitchen cabinets st. louis

  • Drawers and glides make it more convenient for those with upper strength issues. Stronger glide technology means you can now put heavier items like plates and pans in drawers, making them accessible to someone in a wheelchair. Handy pegs hold the dishes securely in place.

best kitchen cabinets st. louis

One trend people are gravitating towards is using chef-inspired drawer-only designs for their base cabinets. Everything from utensils and cutlery to spices and packaged goods can be neatly arranged and easily accessed. The drawer fronts can be customized to match your surrounding door cabinets and can be lip-edges, overly, or flush.

Make a Small Kitchen Look Larger

The number one way to make a small kitchen appear bigger is by choosing cabinets that are simple in their design and have no complicated moldings. Other tricks include:

  • Using 3” fillers wherever they’ll fit. Three inches may seem like a small amount of space, but you’d be surprised what you can fill these slim cabinets with: baking sheets, cutting boards, spices, and oversized serving platters are just a few ideas.
  • Create a low-contrast color scheme, including painted cabinets, so the eye isn’t distracted by sudden shifts in tone.
  • Replace all or some of the upper cabinet doors with glass. This gives the illusion of the wall being farther away. Just be sure to use these cabinets for items that can be neatly stored or stacked and color-coordinated, otherwise they’ll have a cluttered look that will make the room feel crowded.
  • Smaller kitchens always face a storage challenge and the result is often crowded countertops. Outfit one easy-to-access cabinet to store all your smaller appliances like the toaster, coffeemaker, and juicer.

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The kitchen cabinetry you choose for your remodel sets the tone of the entire kitchen and even affects the overall feel of your home. For a classic look that will stand the test of time, we recommend choosing cabinets that are not too trendy, have clean lines, and are designed with the features your family’s lifestyle demands.

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