Kitchen Cabinet Selection in St. Louis: Sorting Through the Options


options for kitchen cabinets st. louisIs 2018 the year you take on your kitchen remodel? If the answer’s yes, you might want to sneak a peek at the latest and greatest options available in kitchen cabinets. A lot has innovative options have been added over the past few years, and since cabinets make up a good portion of your budget, it helps to know you’re choosing wisely.

Options for Kitchen Cabinets

You have three options when choosing cabinets: install new ones or reface or refinish the existing ones. Since cabinets are a major investment, it’s worth considering all three before moving forward with your remodel.

  • If the existing cabinets are of good quality and in excellent working condition, you can save by freshening them up by retaining or painting. This is a good option for stretching your budget, especially if your “must have” list includes higher-end materials or products. Refacing is another alternative where a new veneer is installed on the exterior of the cabinet box and doors and drawer fronts are replaced. Both these processes only work, though, if you are keeping the existing kitchen layout. Also, keep in mind that almost 70% of the cost a cabinet is the door, so it might be just as cost effective to shop new.
  • New cabinets not only give you the freedom to choose a different layout, they also let you replace old, outdated ones that don’t have the kind of storage options that support your family’s lifestyle.

Once you decide on replacing or refinishing, it’s on to the style of cabinet. Do you want custom cabinets that are built to your exact specifications, semi-custom that offer fewer customizations, or solid wood stock cabinets? Each option has its pros and cons. Our designers will help you decide what makes the most sense for your remodel, and which cabinet choice will generate the greatest possible value for your remodeled kitchen.

Cabinet Construction and Style

Most of our clients still choose framed cabinets. Favored for traditional kitchens, they have a front frame around the cabinet opening, with the door attached to the frame. You have several choices in door styles. Traditional-overlay doors cover some of the frame, full-overlay doors cover the entire cabinet frame and inset doors sit inside the cabinet frame.

options for kitchen cabinets st. louis

Frameless cabinets are extremely popular in Europe and are gaining in popularity here in the States. There is no front frame; instead, the door attaches directly to the side of the cabinet. From a visual standpoint, frameless cabinets form a seamless appearance that is broken only by the hardware you install. For this reason, they are often found in contemporary kitchens, but they work in just about any style kitchen.

Two big advantages to frameless cabinets are that, because there is no front frame, there is open access to the cabinet interior, and you gain some storage space.  One final plus: the front panels can be raised upwards, which is an exciting design possibility, especially for smaller kitchens.

options for kitchen cabinets st. louis

Because it requires precise construction, inset cabinetry is a higher-end option, but can be well worth the investment. Their classic beauty, quality craftsmanship, and smooth clean lines works extremely well in mid-century homes. As opposed to overlays, inset doors and drawer headers are fitted inside the face frame. They can be customized to include beaded or flush-face frames as well as concealed or finial hinges.

Depending on how you configure them, the inset design is ideal for transitional, traditional and contemporary kitchens. For example, in a traditional kitchen, you might choose beaded face frames and concealed hinges, while a more contemporary look would be flush face frames with concealed hinges. If you love this look, talk to our designers about whether you can make inset cabinetry work within your budget.

options for kitchen cabinets st. louis

The Cabinet Option Everyone Wants

Every client across the board wants a cabinet that works from a storage and layout point of view. To help you get there, our designers talk to you about how you live and what you already have, then design your storage space accordingly.

Once upon a time, cabinets were installed and then the homeowner made them work. Today, every cabinet has a purpose designed to make your life easier. Pantry cabinets with lots of pull-outs are perfect for storing canned goods and baking supplies. There are designated cabinets for trash and recycling receptacles. Corner cabinet options eliminate wasted space.

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The cabinetry you choose defines the look of the kitchen and can influence the feel of your entire home. For a timeless look, we recommend choosing cabinets that are classic, not trendy: clean lines and hardware that makes just enough of a statement – nothing run-of-the-mill, but also not something that has to be changed in the next five years.

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