How to Find Color Inspiration for Your St. Louis Home


how to find your color inspirationColor is always a significant issue when we do a remodel. The truth is, no two people in the world see color exactly the same. What one person sees as red, another might identify as purple or blue. Some people just can’t differentiate red tints – and it’s not always color blindness, which only affects one percent of American males.

According to recent scientific discoveries, it has been proven that as we mature, we develop our own unique perception of color which, from a practical standpoint at least, can make things a little more challenging when it comes to choosing colors for your remodel.

How Colors Produce An Emotional Response

The perception of color does not, however, change the way we feel when we see a color. The truth is, though, that color does have an emotional impact on all of us, and this makes choosing your colors all the more critical for your happiness and wellbeing.

Colors can communicate many different feelings, including passion, peace, and calmness. They can also mentally and emotionally stimulate, helping you be more productive or energized as a result.

how to find your color inspiration

Red, for example, is a color that evokes passion and even danger. Too much red in the home can overstimulate, so if you like red, use it sparingly and in rooms of the house that these emotions would be appropriate.

Orange is a type of red, but it infuses its energy in a fun, upbeat manner. Orange could be appropriate for kid’s rooms, playrooms, and certain hues may also be fine for living rooms as it symbolizes friendliness.

how to find your color inspiration

Yellow evokes feelings of cheerfulness. However, in some cultures it can represent cowardice and in others, prosperity. Large amounts of yellow might be overstimulating in the home, but it may be appropriate for a kitchen or sunroom.

Blue is a significant color choice in interior design. It is often chosen for bedrooms as it evokes serenity and peace. In the bathroom, it can lend a tranquil, spa-like atmosphere. We generally caution against using too much blue because it can be too formal or too restrictive from an emotional standpoint. In some studies, blue has been found to make people sad or depressed, though it also has been found to increase productivity.

how to find your color inspiration

Green is a color we associate with nature. Cool, friendly green mixes well with other colors and looks great in bedrooms, offices, living rooms, bedrooms, and just about anywhere.

Purple is another color that plays well with diverse interior design color schemes. You can go bold and pair it up with other jewel-tones, or tone it down with lighter, pastel colors like pink, beige, or yellow. It’s dignified and dramatic and, let’s not forget, it is the color we associate with royalty.

Black, when used in small amounts, is an excellent choice to highlight contrasting colors. Too much, however, can make a room seem oppressive as opposed to elegant.

how to find your color inspiration

White is fresh, peaceful, and its reflective nature can make smaller spaces seem much larger.

In the end, your color choice should be something you’re going to live with for a long time, so when you are trying to discover your color inspiration, it should be less about the technical aspects of what you choose and more about how it’s going to make you feel from day-to-day.

How We Help You Find Your Color Inspiration

For instance, we know that blues are really soothing in a bathroom – in general, at least. But if there is another color that speaks to you emotionally, if it’s something you really like—even if it is the polar opposite to what we initially suggest—as designers, we’re not to focus our energy on convincing you otherwise. If you want to paint your kitchen orange, you should do so. If you like it, you’re the one that’s going to be living there and looking at it every day, so you should absolutely do what you like.

We are always happy to discuss trends and help you arrive at your ideal color scheme. As for what’s trending in colors, this tends to change over time, but we like to err on the side of timelessness. You are certainly not “stuck” with any one color because paint is the one thing that is still quite economical to change, but the longer you can live with your choice, the better it is for you.

Do you have questions about your home’s color design? We would love to help. Call today and let’s talk about how we can take your St. Louis remodel to the next level.

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