Contemporary Window Treatments for Your St. Louis Home


contemporary window treatmentsSheers may be an easy and versatile fix for your windows, but if you’re looking for something a little different, a contemporary window treatment that combines style with function, today’s options offer plenty of variety to suit almost any style.


Blinds Come In Many Styles

If you are looking for a less traditional window treatment, there are a wide range of blind types, including roman blinds and bamboo blinds, that fit inside the window frame.

Modern blinds are wonderfully functional, they diffuse light and offer privacy when you want it, and many can even be controlled with an app or connected to your smart home system. An app-controlled blind is perfect for larger windows or for windows that are not easily accessible because there is furniture in front of it.

Curtains, drapes, swags – they can be lovely, but they have a more ornate or conservative and traditional feel to them that runs counter to a modern aesthetic. That said, if you’re moving away from a traditional look, you don’t have to settle for plain old, purely functional blinds or mini blinds that don’t add any character.

That said, there are modern riffs on more traditional styles that could help you strike a balance.

For instance, what we might think of as “old school” roller blinds come in updated styles, including sheer materials that diffuse light through them. Instead of covering the window completely, they fit inside the window box for a nice, clean look. People outside won’t be able to see in, but you’ll still be able to see out because the material is quite sheer and allows plenty of light to get through.

Blackout blinds are an option as well, giving you the option to dim the room when needed. This would be especially useful for a media room, or a bedroom that faces the sunrise.

Like most blinds these days, you can get automated styles that you can raise and lower from the comfort of your bed, your couch, or even your office.

contemporary window treatments

Some Blinds Just Don’t Age Wall

Not all contemporary blinds do well over time. These include blinds with vertical panels or panels that fold in on themselves and vertical blinds that hang from a track and slide open and shut like a sliding door or like curtains.

These days, this look isn’t particularly popular, but you’ll still find plenty of condos and apartments that have them. The trouble is, they look a bit dated, and they aren’t efficient.

Sheer Panels To Frame Your Windows

Blinds on a window or door can be paired with a sheer panel on each side, but those panels would be mostly for decoration; they’re not functional. You might choose a plain or patterned sheer, but to stay on the contemporary side, choose something plain and without all the pleats, tassels, and frills of a traditional curtain.

Ultimately, it’s the thing inside the window frame that is functioning, you wouldn’t likely have a drape that closes, so you want to keep the aesthetic simple and clean-looking.

contemporary window treatments

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters have been featured on a lot of TV shows lately, so they come across as modern and on-trend, but they’ve always been around. We use them quite frequently for our clients really enjoy the clean look and sturdiness.

This type of window treatment doesn’t work with every kind of décor. It really depends on the style of the house and what the furnishings look like. Plantation shutters are more transitional, even beach-y. They are perfect for a country-style home and are pretty popular right now with Fixer-Upper and HGTV shows.

They are great because you can paint them any color and they block out 100 percent of the incoming light, but if you’re going for a formal look or a contemporary or modern vibe, they probably won’t fit in very well.

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades, sometimes known as cellular shades, are great for diffusing light and they also do a great job of insulating your windows, which might save you some on your energy bills as they will keep your home cooler in the summer and keep the heat in during winter. They come in single, double, or triple-cell and are made of paper-like materials or fabric and there is a wide variety of colors and textures to match your interior design.

Even better – when you install honeycomb blinds, you may be eligible for a rebate.

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