Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence: The Story of J.T. McDermott Remodeling Contractors


We’re honored to celebrate the 30th anniversary of J.T. McDermott Remodeling Contractors. From humble beginnings to prestigious awards, we couldn’t have built the business without our family, friends, and the St. Louis community we serve. This is our story.

The Start of a Home Remodeling Company

It all began with Tim McDermott’s love for construction, which he discovered at community college in 1972. After taking a few years to hone his skills and raise his young son, Josh, Tim struck a partnership with Bob Foppe, and in 1985 Foppe-McDermott Remodeling was born. Dave Dermody and Dean Huston joined the team in 1988, starting an over-25-year relationship with the company.

Early Growth and Satisfied Customers

The business started small, with Tim doing his own remodeling work and bringing young Josh along for the ride. (To this day, some of Josh’s earliest memories are of lumber yards, dirt piles, and the smell of sawdust.) Tim’s integrity and people skills soon built the strong reputation the company enjoys today. With each job well done, satisfied customers spread the word and the business grew.

Tim Takes the Reins

When Bob Foppe retired in 1993, Tim took over the company. He established three guiding principles for what was now J.T. McDermott Remodeling: Quality (never sacrifice it), Communication (speak openly with the customer and listen in return), and Follow up (ensure total customer satisfaction has been achieved.) With these principles, Tim established a culture of excellence for the company, building on its reputation for integrity.

Josh’s Early Involvement

By the mid-nineties, Tim’s teenage son Josh was working on job sites doing everything from construction to roofing. He continued helping with the family business throughout high school and college, where he studied business management. Upon graduation, however, he decided to pursue pharmaceutical sales rather than return to remodeling and construction.

J.T. McDermott’s Own Custom Remodeling Project

J.T. McDermott continued thriving under Tim’s direction, earning its first Remodelers of Distinction Award in 2000. Within the next five years, the expanding business outgrew its building. In 2005, Tim purchased, renovated, and added to what is now the J.T. McDermott office. Just one year later, the company hired its first in-house, degreed designer, converting a section of the new building into the precursor of the current showroom. (The Selection Suite, as it was named, officially opened in 2009. Clients and designers have been collaborating there ever since.)

Josh Returns as Business Manager

By 2010, Tim was ready to launch the company even further. Knowing that Josh was still passionate about remodeling and missed the family business, Tim invited him to return as the manager. Josh dove right in and, alongside estimator Ron Mifflin, earned his Certified Graduate Remodeler designation from the National Association of Home Builders shortly thereafter. (This certification demonstrates a remodeler’s commitment to excellence in business management, project management, and professional ethics.)

Josh Spearheads Growth

In 2014, with Josh at the helm, J.T. McDermott formalized its home maintenance program. To better deliver the routine maintenance clients had always requested from the business, the company began offering annual and seasonal maintenance packages along with its regular handyman services. The program continues today under the direction of lead craftsman Dave Dermody.

An Informed Customer is a Satisfied Customer

Another 2014 innovation was BuilderTrend, a web portal facilitating the all-important communication principle: Communicate openly with the customer, and listen in return! With BuilderTrend, clients gained the ability to view and upload project pictures, message every member of the team, and get status updates. Whether clients loved the advance in communication or were satisfied with a job well done, comments from third-party review publisher Guild Quality indicated happy customers. The company went on to win three consecutive Best of Houzz designations for service or customer satisfaction.

Josh Continues Serving the St. Louis Community

In 2015, Tim retired and passed the business to Josh. Though he’s no longer leading the company, Tim remains active in serving his community, just as he always has. Josh continues his father’s legacy with J.T. McDermott, building up the business and the St. Louis community through mentorship and philanthropy. Some of Josh’s favorite causes include Belleville CEO, a local entrepreneur development program; the American Heart Association; and Art on the Square, a Belleville art show for which the company built and donated the display arbor.

The Future of J.T McDermott Remodeling Contractors

J.T. McDermott Remodeling Contractors continues to be a picture of excellence, passion, and commitment to customer satisfaction. In its 30 years of business, the company has grown strong under the direction of Tim’s guiding principles. J.T. McDermott’s dedication to its customers has brought it thus far, and the business looks forward to many more years of growth and satisfied clients. If you’re looking for a reliable, trustworthy home remodeling company, you can’t go wrong with J.T. McDermott.

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