11 Unexpected Solutions for Your Bonus Room


bonus room ideasMany homeowners have experienced the struggle of the bonus room. It’s awkwardly sized, tucked away near the attic or over the garage, and it doesn’t have a closet or a window. It’s just a bit weird, and you’re never quite sure what to do with it.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry! We have a few suggestions that might turn your space into the snazziest room in the house!

Check out a few of these creative bonus room ideas:

1. Kids Focus Zone

Tired of finding math homework underneath your cereal bowl, or pencils rolling across the floor? A space designated just for homework may offer a bit of peace for both parents and kids alike. Add chairs, desks, and organizational tools, and cut out distractions from video games and television, kids may find it easier to get down to business.

bonus room ideas

2. Home Office

Adults also need a quiet place to get work done. A bonus room may offer the solution, as they’re often tucked away in places far from the heavy traffic zones. Peace, privacy, perfect!

bonus room ideas

3. Zen Studio

What better use for a forgotten space than to unwind and relax at the end of a long day? Since bonus rooms often feature low lighting and angled ceilings, it could be the ideal cozy hideaway to meditate or practice yoga. A few candles and calming sounds on the playlist tops off your new Zen Studio.

4. Sleepover Spot

Give your guests a little extra space and privacy during their stay. Adding a set of bunk beds or some futons to your bonus room makes it the ideal spot for a mini getaway – and it’s perfect for when the kids want to host sleepovers.

bonus room ideas

5. Teen Chill Space

Does your teen need a little alone time? Hanging out with family may not always be your teenager’s idea of a fun night, but a chill space in your bonus room will give them some privacy and still keep them nearby. With a couple of cool gadgets and a mini-fridge, your teen will be well-equipped to hang out and entertain friends. 

bonus room ideas

6. Game Central

Parents of video-game-obsessed children often have to fight for TV rights, especially if there’s a hot new game on the console, and they’re trying desperately to level up. Turn your bonus room into a gaming room. Simply add your gaming system of choice and a few bean bags, and you’ve got a winning space. 

7. Crafty Closet

Crafting is awesome, but the mess, maybe less so. Anyone who does these artsy activities is familiar with the struggle of organizing craft supplies. Use your bonus room as a spot to store your collection of materials and tools. Add a couple of tables, some shelves, and storage containers. Now you have a convenient, well-organized area to get creative. Sew perfect! 

bonus room ideas

8. Music Studio

It’s important to encourage your kid’s passions (or yours), and a music studio may be just the place for them to get creative. Not only does it give the musicians in the family a place to practice and compose, but it may just give you back the space—and the quiet—that you need. Drummer in the family? Soundproofing will help. 

9. Fitness Space

Fitness and exercise are an essential part of daily life and having a gym right in your home ups the convenience factor tenfold. However, the equipment can sure take up a lot of room. Use your unoccupied bonus room to get at-home fitness without clogging up your living space with gym equipment. 

10. Home Theater

Sure, you could watch the new Star Wars film in the living room, but wouldn’t it be so much cooler if you had a dedicated movie theatre in your own home? Little ones may appreciate the immersive experience of a dark, quiet room. Add a surround system, a mini projector, a snack bar, and your favorite movie posters to bring the cinema home with you! 

bonus room ideas

11. Book Nook

Have you always dreamed of having a little library of your own? Well, now you can make it a reality in your bonus room. Add a few shelves, some cushy chairs, and a lamp or two to transform the space. With your own quiet, out-of-the-way book nook, you can truly immerse yourself in that new bestseller or an old favorite. 

bonus room ideas

In conclusion, although bonus rooms can seem a bit perplexing, they’re really just a blank canvas with untapped potential. When you’re ready to turn that room into your new favorite space, we’re ready to help. Reach out today to start the conversation. 

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